Snow Thank You

We have had a bitterly cold week. The temps dropped below freezing on Monday night and stayed there until Sunday afternoon. Count in the wind chill and it was painful to be outside for long.

But guess what? You still have to walk the dog. Twice a day. In the cold.

On Thursday, we had some snow. It was just an inch, but schools were delayed in the morning by 2 hours. Steven took Lucy for her walk and reported that she did not care for the snow at all. It got in her paws and irritated her. She got a decent walk, but she was not staying out any longer than absolutely necessary.

On Thursday afternoon, I took Lucy for a walk while the boys had a kid’s yoga class. She. Was. Miserable. I forgot her little coat, so she shivered the whole time. And the snow? In her paws? Made her crazy. She would stop dead and lift one paw off the ground for a minute. Then she would hop along on three legs. Then she would put the paw back down (I guess the snow or ice stuck in her paw had melted a bit) and trot along for a few feet until she would stop and do it all again. 

Every dog walker we passed said the same thing, “I wish this dog would just poop so we can go home!”

I wished Lucy would just walk so we could go home. Eventually we made it back to the car where she flopped down for a rest.

Lucy would never make it as a sled dog.

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David was a sheep for the Preschool Christmas Program. He really wanted to be a donkey, but someone else was chosen for that.


He was a great sheep. He hollered “Baa!” at just the right moment.


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Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year with style – David fell asleep before dinner, I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 pm (in my defense, I have a cold and a headache) and Matthew and Steven camped in the family room, staying up until 10 pm. Lucy woke up at midnight long enough to bark at the fireworks. 

Good times!

Here are some of our favorite events from 2012.

* Pinewood derby (“even though I didn’t win”)

* Rain Gutter Regatta

* Hawaii trip

* Seeing the Huma Huma at the Maui Ocean Center

* Going up to Haleakala and seeing the silver sword cactus

* Going to the Outer Banks and swimming “at midnight” (it was 8 pm, but dark)

* Taking a plane ride at the Outer Banks

* Vacationing in Cape Cod with family

* Daddy coaching David’s soccer team

* Matthew passing the swim test

* Family camping – Twice!

* Mommy heading back to teaching

* David playing a sheep in the manager at the Preschool Christmas Program

May 2013 be filled with just as much adventure and laughter!

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Where Has the Time Gone?

Good grief. I haven’t posted a blog since September? More than three months!


Where has the time gone? I’d like to say that we have just been so busy doing wonderful, family-oriented, things that I couldn’t get to the computer. Ha!

We have been busy, and we have been doing some fun family stuff, but mostly I have just been running in circles trying to get through each day quick before the next one comes and OH CRAP IS IT DAVID’S SNACK DAY AGAIN?????

You know. Life. Somehow going back to work two measly half-days a week has sucked up every spare moment of my time. Well, that and I took up sewing and so I spent some of my free time this fall doing that.

And now it is December and I always feel overly busy and stressed in December and let me just say that adding in work did not make me any less stressed. There was a point a few weeks ago when I really wanted to run away, but Steven convinced to me to stay because someone had to get the laundry done and he’s not sure where all those clothes go. You know you are having a crazy holiday when someone cancels their annual Christmas party because of burst pipes and your first reaction is “Thank God.”

Anyway, we’re all here and we’re all fine. Matthew is counting down the days until Christmas. David is, too, but he is still a little fuzzy on time concepts so he can’t decide if Christmas is a few days away or a few weeks away, or maybe it’s today and no one remembered to tell him.Lucy is keeping busy stealing food, chasing birds, and napping on the Christmas lap quilt I made. Steven is juggling rehearsals and concerts and work and travel. He’s pretty tired, to be honest. I finished teaching for the year just in time to focus on the 2nd grade holiday party. And, oh yeah, all the rest of the cooking, baking, buying, and wrapping left to do in the next (yikes!) five days.

I keep reminding myself that Christmas is not really about the gifts or the cookies, that the important things will get done and the rest wasn’t that important, that we are really just lucky to be healthy and happy. It’s all true, but it’s a hard concept to hold onto this time of year.

Maybe in 2013 I’ll be able to slow down a little and get back to blogging the little adventures (and misadventures) of life with the boys.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I crack myself up.


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Back to School!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of getting ready and going back to school. We are still settling into our school year routines, which include Matthew heading off the second grade, David going to preschool five mornings a week, and Mommy going back to work two mornings a week.

It’s exhausting.

We did manage to get some “first day pictures.”

Second grade, here I come!

A little bit excited, a little bit nervous.

ALWAYS time for silliness.

David started back the next week.

No nerves at all, just ready for fun!

Woo hoo!

Dinosaurs Class, here I come!

The boys love school. Matthew is having a great time learning about butterflies and David is having a great time period. It’s a crazy, busy, happy, stressful time.

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One of the reasons we chose Maui as our second island to visit is the volcano, Haleakala. We planned our trip for a morning, packed some snacks and the portable DVD player and headed out.

We started off in sunny, lovely, 85* weather and started up the windy, twisty drive to 20, 000 feet. The drive up was beautiful for the first half. Then we noticed it was getting a little cloudy and just a bit misty. And then we realized it was also getting cooler. By the time we were at the summit, we knew we were screwed. It was rainy and 40* and we had not brought our jackets.

After an hour and a half in the car, we did not want to head right back, but we could not walk around in t-shirts and shorts. It was way too cold! So, we were good tourists and bought long-sleeved t-shirts in the gift shop.

Not only is this a great picture of horse patoots, it’s also a good indication of the misty rain we had.

It’s cold! Even in our long-sleeved shirts! But the sun is out!

We learned about the Nunu bird, who only lives in the Haleakala crater. Matthew is checking for one here.

20,000 feet is above the clouds. How cool is that?

Checking out the view (such as it was) from inside a ranger station.

The family that huddles together stays together.

Imagine a crater big enough that the island of Manhattan, turned sideways, could fit down inside. No, I can’t either. But that is what we would be seeing if the weather was clear.

David next to a silver sword cactus, which only grows on Haleakala.

Raining again, so Matthew (the tiny white dot on the right) headed back to the car.

One fun thing we got to do (besides run around outside in the bitter, windy, cold and rain) was complete a Junior Naturalist activity. We visited three ranger stations and completed the activities and then we all got a fancy, gold(ish) badge. Matthew wore his home. He was very proud of his badge.

Next time we go for a hike at an elevation of over, say, 10  feet? I’m bringing jackets. Never making that mistake again.

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Kid’s Pool!

The Marriot at Wailea had a number of pools. The infinity pool, outside our balcony, was just beautiful. But around the corner was the kid’s pool.

Oh, the kid’s pool! We spent many happy hours at the pool. The lower pool was only a few feet deep with a big play structure in the middle. David was delighted.

Hi, Mommy! This rocks!

Then there were the slides. Oh, the slides! Matthew loved them. There was one long, twisty slide, and one short, steep dump into deep water. I went down them both. The twisty slide was a lot of fun. The steep slide shot water up my nose. Matthew, of course, loved the “big dipper.”

Look at those awesome water slides!

Matthew is fearless.

We got one video of Matthew on the twisty slide. He was too fast on the big dipper for a video.

We did a lot of exploring in Maui, but it was so nice to be able to hang out at the pool together and relax.

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Maui Ocean Center

On our first afternoon in Maui we headed around the island to the Maui Ocean center. It’s fascinating to me that you can go a few miles on an island and see completely different weather. We left the warm, sunny pool-perfect weather of Wailea and went to the windy, overcast Maalaea and the Ocean Center. Because of the way the island bends, we could see one from the other. Crazy.

At any rate, we had a great time at the ocean center. It was one of the best aquariums we have been to. Best of all, we finally got to see the reef trigger fish, or the humahumanukanukaapuaa.

You can’t see how windy it was, but it was.

We love a good aquarium!

The octopus kept trying to get out.

Sea turtles.

Touch tank. Sea cucumbers are super gross. I mean, really. Ick.

Jelly fish. Spooooky!

Shark tank show. Matthew loved it. He even raised his hand to ask a question (about the number of sting rays in the tank. There were 12, I think.)

There was a clear tube walk way next to the shark tank. The sting rays swam over to say hi.

David checked out the open tank outside with puffer fish.

We took a video of the huma huma fish. Matthew learned the name before we left for Hawaii and he asked every Hawaiian he could find if he or she had ever seen it. The reef trigger fish is swimming around the top of the tank.


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A Real Hawaiian Luau.

One of the things Steven and I decided we had to do in Hawaii was attend a Luau. Our hotel in Maui sponsored one several nights a week, so we got tickets. We wore floral leis, we saw a guy crack a coconut with a rock, we tasted poi (it was purple, and kind of sour, and not something I need to eat ever again) and we watched hula dancing. It. Was. Awesome.

Our emcee and lead singer.

Perfect evening for a luau.

David took a picture of Daddy….

… and Mommy….

… and Matthew.

Lovely ladies at the beginning.

The band.

Conch shells make excellent horns.

Lining up by our seats for the next dance. Matthew was very concerned about the lack of pants on the guys.

The final dance was the Fire Sword Dance. It was fantastic. The boys absolutely loved it.

It’s the kind of experience you remember forever.

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Maui – Early Morning Walk With Daddy

On Friday night, Matthew ran a fever. At least, we assume he did. He was tired, didn’t want to eat, felt warm, seemed sweaty. Steven went out and found a thermometer at the ABC (which is a very different store than back in Virginia), but I had already given Matthew tylenol for his headache. By the morning, he felt fine. He had gone to bed early, so he was up early – even by our 5:30 am standards. Daddy took him for a walk. (God bless that man. He saw more of Hawaii before dawn than any person I know.)

Take THAT you fever! I am a ninja master!

One of our favorite plants – the fan palm.

The infinity pool inspires deep thoughts.

There was, sadly, no drip Kona coffee at the Marriot, but we did enjoy breakfast in the open-air restaurant. And then we went out and had a great morning in the kid’s pool.

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