Let the blogging begin!

Why blog?

Well, everyone else seems to have one, so it must be a good idea, right? Apparently, if everyone jumped off a cliff, I would too. But really, it does seem like a nice way to share daily life with family and friends. Daddy is convinced that the boys won’t care for a written record of their early years, but perhaps future girlfriends will. I figure I can handle and photo and a 5 sentence paragraph a day, right? Here’s hoping I don’t end up with 365 (and 1/4) entries on “things that got flushed down the potty.”

Fingers crossed.

Which leads me to today’s adventure. Why why why why why would you put a flashlight in the toilet? A room full of cars, a train table, puzzles, play dough, a sandbox in the shady back yard (not to mention the swing set) and Matthew goes for the flashlight in the potty. At least his extended stay in time-out gave me time to put away the groceries.

We will celebrate the 4th with a cookout and I have decided to try my hand at bar-b-que. It’s a simple goal, but I’m a simple gal! I have the cole slaw and lemonade in the fridge, beans at the ready for a 4 bean bake, and a brand new pitcher for some margaritas (because that’s what our forefathers drank). Add some fruit salad and pie courtesy of our guests and I think we are all set. Now we just need to pray for decent weather.


July 3, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Kai Huang replied:

    Hi, Elizabeth. What a wonderful enjoyment to read your blog. Now when I am in China, I can still “watch” how your kids grow and share a bit of your life. A lot of fun!

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