We went to a picnic last night. The kids ran around outside, devoured a few hot dogs, some watermelon, and then came into the basement to see how fast they could get all the toys off the shelves. (Not as long as you’d think).  Matthew decided to play dress-up.

It’s a shame you can’t see the shoes in this picture. They are sparkly, sling-backed heels. He loved them. Avery is wearing her sparkly flats (so much more practical for an outdoor picnic) and beaded tiara. Christina dressed up, too, in a stunningly beautiful rose velvet dress with beading on the bodice, but I couldn’t get Matthew to stand with her. He was too busy.

David continued to pursue his interest in music.

After all that fun and food it is no wonder we all slept so well.

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Hop on Pop

It’s a great book by Dr. Seuss. We have read it many many times. I love how the dad is drawn – clearly he is tired. He has worked all day and now his children and bouncing away on his stomach. No respect for the head of the household! That absolutely never happens here.


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New Table

Our new kitchen table came today. It is beautiful. We moved the old table and chairs to the basement this morning. David helped push his chair out of the way.

When the furniture guys came, Matthew was full of questions. Who are they? What are they doing? What is that thing? Where is he going? Where is he putting that? Where is the other chair? The guys laughed. It’s easy to laugh when you don’t have to spend your entire day answering a toddler’s every question.

Two boys, three meals a day, plus snacks, games, homework, play-doh, illegal use of markers… Let’s hope it’s sturdy!

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We made s’mores for the first time last night. Toasted marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers. What could be wrong with that?

Toasting on the gas grill is not as satisfying as open flame, but one does what one must.

Matthew mostly ate marshmallows, except for one chocolate block.

David enjoyed his graham cracker (later we found out he also ate mulch. We found out when he threw up all over the deck.)

All in all, it was a fun summer evening, even if I did have to admit to being one year older.

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David can…

There are many items on the one year growth and development checklist. Crawling, walking, first words, waving, clapping, rolling off the bed (technically not on the checklist, but any parent knows it will happen during the first year). We go in a few weeks for David’s one year appointment and all of these things will be assessed, along with height, weight, and head circumference. But they will miss his biggest accomplishment, one he achieved all on his own with no prompting from his parents.

That’s right. David has taught himself the kazoo. I was washing dishes after dinner and went to see why he was making a funny noise. Turns out he was just expressing himself through his music.

Today, the kazoo, tomorrow, Chopin.

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Closing Ceremony

We decided to celebrate the end of the Olympics with the same couple who invited us to the Opening ceremonies party. We ordered Chinese food and parked ourselves in front of the TV. Matthew’s buddy Jason came over to play.

They made it through about two whole minutes before sprinting back to their trains.

David and Charlie got to know each other a little better.

Charlie is a little jealous of the attention David gets.

Good food, good company, good TV.

Oh, as a side note, my fortune cookie read “You will have a good night’s rest.” Ha. Fat chance of that.

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Bunnies, Beware!

We have a fox. We saw him yesterday on the far side of our fence, slinking along, like foxes do. This morning Steven spotted Brother Fox in our yard. He appeared to be finishing breakfast. Ick. One can only hope he was polishing off one of the mice who likes to camp out in our basement. As we watched, another fox came into the yard. Big Daddy Fox, with a white tipped tale, circled around the swing set, sending Brother Fox running off. Big Daddy didn’t stick around long. By the time I ran downstairs, found the camera, and looked back outside he was at the top of the yard going through the fence. My guess is they are displaced refugees from the construction site across the road. New houses are going up and trees have been cleared. We have an impressive array of wild animals in our neighborhood, considering how developed the area is, but having a fox is pretty cool. As long as you aren’t a bunny.

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Torch Lighting

Matthew ran around the other night re-enacting the torch lighting ceremony. It took many tries to get the following photos, and more than a few threats of time-out for not co-operating. In case you are wondering, his “torch” is a lint brush.

I had to light his torch with mine – a tube of cortizone cream we always have handy. Then it was off to fly through the air and light the Olympic cauldron.

And then we run around making fire-works noises and singing the staccato version of the Olympic theme song.

The world of pretend has no limits.

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After play group this morning we decided to head out for lunch. Beth, pregnant with her second child, needed french fries, something I understand all too well. While she got lunch I sat with the kids. Christina and Matthew decided to show off their bellies.

David was completely unimpressed.

Lunch was nice for us, but I don’t know if the people coming to Wendy’s on their lunch breaks appreciated having toddlers run amok.

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Matthew likes “fwips” (we don’t quite have the “l” sound yet). Usually he does them off the couch, but he had a great time last week at Donna and Jim’s when he learned a new way. Matthew held Jim’s thumbs, climbed up his legs, and then “fwipped” over backwards.

Before we left, Phil gave David a chance, too.

They laughed and laughed and laughed. Best sound ever.

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