I broke my favorite mug last night. I was doing dishes (the eternal chore in this house) and I dropped it into the sink. It hit something and the rim chipped. Worse than that was the crack I could see running all the way through it.

Matthew happened to be standing next to me on his favorite stool “helping.” He had taken the measuring spoons out of a drawer and filled them with soap bubbles. Not sure why, but I have learned not to ask too many questions. When the mug dropped, I cried out. Matthew turned to me and said, “It’s OK mommy. It was an accident.” Yes, I said, it was. Then he turned to me and gave me this toddler pearl of wisdom “Sometimes cups broke.”

‘Tis true. Sometimes cups broke. He understands this well enough. He’s lost a few precious toys when they were broken beyond repair. It touched me that he could understand how I was feeling when I lost something precious to me.

Here is the picture that was on my favorite mug. You can see why I liked it so much. It’s from Matthew’s first time at his gymnastics class.


August 2, 2008. Matthew.

One Comment

  1. mommyofgodiva replied:

    Awww…how cute! Sorry about your mug, though. Very proud of David’s steps! Oh, and don’t worry about the second banana thing…I think I turned out much better than my brother (I’m second)! Ha ha!

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