Our theme for this month’s photo contest on the Fairfax IV board is “firsts.” I immediately thought of the first time Matthew had sweet potatoes. It was his first Thanksgiving and I dutifully cooked and mashed a fresh sweet potato for him, just like the book said to do.

You can see how impressed he was with my efforts. Eventually I gave him the jarred version, which he much preferred.

David’s first meals went a little better.

I can’t remember the last time Matthew ate sweet potato. He sad become a toddler, which means he refuses all attempts to follow the “food pyramid” guidelines. David, however, is stuck with what we give him. He has no idea you aren’t supposed to eat green beans with rice cereal for breakfast. How much longer do you think I have before the Big One clues the Little One in?


August 17, 2008. the boys.

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