Wake up!

No matter how many times they have woken up at night, the boys always wake up in the morning raring to go. Matthew likes to hide under his quilt to “surprise” me when I come in. David, these days, is on his tummy playing with paci’s and a stuffed bunny that lives in the corner of his crib.

Today Matthew woke up first and came with me to get David. He climbed in the crib and the two of them played (or, David played and Matthew jumped, which he is NOT SUPPOSED TO DO.) Here he is, on top of his brother, something else he is not supposed to do.

"Please get off your brother," she says, for the millionth time.

Look at David standing up!

Look at David standing up!

Posing for Mommy.

Posing for Mommy.


August 20, 2008. the boys.

One Comment

  1. shellstrum replied:

    Looks like it is time to lower that mattress:)

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