The Fallen Tree

Two weeks ago a chunk of our lovely Bradford Pear tree feel over. It had been raining and our guess is that the trunk, already weak from a lightning strike five years ago, couldn’t bear the weight any longer.

Matthew seemed very concerned about the tree. He has asked for “the story of when the tree fell” every day since. I mentioned this was two weeks ago, right? We were lucky that it missed the swing set and the fence.

Steven decided it was time for the tree to come down. As much as we have loved watching it flower in spring, and enjoyed the shade all summer, it was no longer safe. He checked out the branches.

Matthew overcame his fear of the loud chainsaw to provide critical project management.

The neighbors came over to help. They are all very kind.

Plus, it was a really good excuse to use all their fun tools.

Yesterday, the tree guy came with his stump grinder to erase the last traces of the tree. It’s weird to look in our backyard and see, well, the back. We won’t replace it. For one thing, Bradford Pears are notoriously fragile, and as odd as it looks now, I think we will enjoy having the wide open space in the future.


September 13, 2008. family, Uncategorized.

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