Donut Destructor

Matthew loves donuts. We introduced them this summer on our road trip up to Cape Cod when Steven and I badly needed decent coffee. Dunkin Donuts was the closest place, and a bad habit was born. We don’t live near one (thank goodness!) but there is one on the way home from church, and one on the way to Nana’s house.

His favorite part is the top of the donut.

On the way home from Nana’s house Monday night we had the following conversation.

Matthew “Mommy, let’s go get some donuts at the donut store.”

Mommy “The store is closed. It’s late.”

Matthew “We need to get the keys so we can open it.”

Mommy “We can’t open it. Only the owners can open it.”

Matthew “No, the cookers will let us in.”

Mommy “No, the cookers are asleep. It’s late and they have to get up early to make the donuts.”

Five minutes of silence from the back seat, then.

Matthew “Mommy, I’m really really really really hungry for donuts.”

Mommy “Well, you are really really really really out of luck.”


September 17, 2008. Matthew.

One Comment

  1. omocc replied:

    So funny. Love the conversation and I’m with him they should be open all the time.

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