Camping In

We have had a tent in our basement for a couple of months now. It has been great fun during play groups and when the cousins come to visit. Yesterday Matthew decided he wanted to sleep on the floor of the family room for his nap. I suggested maybe he could sleep in the tent with Daddy at bedtime. See how clever I am? I got him into bed for a nap, and side-stepped tent duty, all in one suggestion!

The boys headed downstairs in their P.J.s for the camp-in. We carried down a mattress for Matthew, a pad for Daddy, two pillows, a blanket, a sleeping bag, a couple of diapeys, some pacis, a flash light, and a lights and sound machine that would play stars on the ceiling. Oh, and a few books to read, too.

About ten minutes after I kissed them both good-night, I heard the padding of little feet on the stairs. “We decided to sleep in our beds tonight, Mommy.”

I can’t blame him. I would rather sleep in my bed than in a tent, too. But since I have two boys I am going to have to tackle actual real camping in the woods at some point.

Maybe next year. Or the year after.


September 20, 2008. Matthew.

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