Birthday Boy!

We celebrated David’s birthday this weekend with family. We had beautiful weather – not too hot, lots of sun, perfect for the deck. Phew! Putting together a party takes many hands. Grandma and Yeye came early to help set up the deck, prep the food, and put together the birthday gift.

Yeye thought he was beyond the age when he had to put together toys. We  told him we didn’t want to waste all those years of practice.

I got all into decorating rice krispy cup cakes, which is what David got since we are trying a wheat free diet. I had forgotten how much fun a girl can have with her Wilton decorating tips and some frosting.

Although the invite said “buisness casual” some family members couldn’t help but show-off their fancy duds.

I’m kidding, of course. Susie and Clem had a fancy-pants gala to go to after the party. Take a look at her super snazzy shoes.

Dinner was quite nice. David got his first hot dog. He did not throw any of it on the ground.

The grandparents got some time to sit and talk to each other.

Goo goo and Uncle Franco got the kids off the moon bounce long enough to eat.

The cousins got to try out their blowers.

Then it was time for cup cakes. At first David was a little skeptical.

He got the idea soon enough.

I’m not sure you can see it in this picture, but his tongue is blue. He ate the entire cup cake.

Every last crumb.

He got several nice gifts from family and friends. He didn’t get to play with any of them. Big Brother decided he needed to personally inspect them all. By the time we dragged one kicking and screaming toddler off to the bath tub, it was time for bed. But David has all year to play with his new things, and he doesn’t seem too worried about it.


September 21, 2008. David.


  1. Beth replied:

    Cute cup cakes 🙂

  2. Lauren replied:

    Happy Birthday David!

    Very adorable rice krispy cupcake tree complete with hand decorated icing and Sesame characters. Cute, cute!! You get an A+ for wheat-free creativity and excellent execution. Clearly, David and his blue tongue agreed 🙂

    Oh, and those are neato fancy shoes!

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