Halloween play group

On Wednesday we had a special, Halloween-themed, play group. I made cupcakes with spooky shapes and a brie apricot dip in the crock pot. Jenn brought cookies and apple slices, so we could pretend to be healthy. The kids played and played and played and played.

Here’s David, playing with cars.

Brice and Devon enjoyed the basketball hoop and balls.

Elizabeth T had a nice moment with the twins.

Most of the kids were in the basement playing by the time I grabbed my camera. Except for Matthew.

After about an hour of negotiating over his toys he decided to head upstairs and hide out in our bed.

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Now that David is mobile, the sibing dynamics are changing. David wants to be where Matthew is, play with the toys Matthew has, and do the things Matthew can do. Sometimes Matthew is very patient with his younger brother and includes him in a game.

The other day both boys were playing in the family room and we realized they were actually enjoying a book together. David found the book, Matthew read it to him. I have no idea what “story” Matthew made up since it was a book about snakes (eew, ick!!!) but David was completely drawn in.

And then the moment was gone.

It was nice while it lasted.

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Matthew’s Prayer

After saying grace before dinner, Matthew launched into an impromptu prayer.

” Dear Lord, thank you for this full basket of trick or treats, thank you for this lovely bowl full of lollipops, cookies, candy circles, and don’t forget, thank you for the dazzling donut.”

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One of the eyes fell off the spider. We had a LOT of fun sticking it onto each other.

David thought it was funny.

He would stick it on me, then I’d put it on him and he would laugh.

We didn’t get a photo of Matthew with the eye. He liked to put it over his own eye, and then my eye, and then Daddy’s. We obligingly made pirate noises, but man it hurt to pull it off!

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Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday was our annual neighborhood pumpkin carving party. The weather was perfect and since the boys didn’t nap (yikes) we were able to  get there almost on time.

Nancy and Theo  set up tables in their driveway and put out the chimminea. They had chili, desserts, and table full of wine.

Matthew had a good time running around in the nice weather. He found a cricket in the wood pile…

helped pick out pumpkins to carve, and asked me to make a “mad” one…

and then chased around Phoebe, our newest neighbor. Here she is posing with her pumpkin.

David had a good time, too, although he stayed nice and close to us. He gave Daddy a good workout while Mommy carved.

Then he wandered around exploring. He enjoyed the sidewalk chalk…

and the tub of beer.

We stayed for three hours carving, eating, and catching up with neighbors. Last night, after the boys got to bed, I roasted the pumpkin seeds and lit the pumpkins. The pumpkin carving is now complete.

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A visit with cousins

Steven’s cousin, Laura, and her family came for a visit yesterday evening. They had braved the museums and Mall downtown in the pouring rain and were ready for a relaxing evening indoors. Instead, they came to our house.

Cameron was great. He ran around with Matthew and gamely played whatever silly game Matthew invented. There was a lot of shrieking, running, and jumping.

David got a chance to play, too, and then Laura and Darren got some time to snuggle with him.

Michaela performed the important function of observing the hilarity and keeping out of the way of flying balls while watching college football on TV.

It was a great visit. I wish I could say the kids slept like logs, or rocks, or something that stays quiet all night, but no. The nasty cold we all have kept them (and us) up a good portion of the night.

Hopefully Laura, Darren, and the kids stay healthy!

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The Fairfax IV Mom’s group decided to celebrate Halloween with “trunk-r-treating” this year. We all headed to Frying Pan Park with pot luck contributions, trunk decorations, treats to hand out, and children in costumes. It was a chilly night, but the kids had a great time.

Matthew and Owen started off riding the tractors.

Matthew barely sat long enough to eat a meatball, but David really got into his picnic dinner. By the way, he is dressed as Sparky the fire house dog. He won’t wear the hat with the ears.

Our trunk decoration consisted of spider web and a bunch of plastic spiders, with one BIG spider hanging off the hatch back.

“Tinkerbell” Avery and “Fire Chief” Matthew posed for a shot.

After visiting all the trunks, Matthew and Owen sat to enjoy a few treats.

Back home, we shared some treats with Daddy, who had to work late.

Halloween is coming, hip, hip, hooray!

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Helping Daddy

We got a nice surprise yesterday afternoon. Daddy came home early from work. This is very rare. We were super excited! Matthew and David got to help with some outdoor chores.

Matthew swept the leaves Daddy pulled out of the gutter.

He decided all the leaves needed to be swept under the car.

David checked Daddy’s reflexes by climbing up the step ladder.

Next they practiced their driving skills.

And THEN they all went for a walk to the pond. They were gone for almost an hour, which was very helpful to mommy.

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The Common Cold has come for a visit. David was the first to fall.

You can’t see it in this picture, but his cheeks are chapped and his nose is a constant glaze of snot. Since I am on the front line of nose wiping, it’s no surprise I was next. Steven succumbed the day after I did. He has been taking about 6,000 mg of vitamin c. You think I am exaggerating. I am not. Matthew is still pretty healthy, but he has started to cough.

No one has been sleeping all that well. It’s hard to sleep with a runny nose and sore throat when you have to lie flat on your back. It’s even harder when you have a runny nose, sore throat, and thrashing infant in the bed next to you.

So it’s our first family cold of the year. One down, 74 to go.

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Blue Dye #1

Living with a toddler is a lot like walking through a mine field wearing a blind fold. You know you are going to have an explosion, you just don’t know when. And the explosion might last awhile, or it might be brief. Just as we never really know what is going to set it off, we can never be sure what will bring it to an end.

Matthew has never enjoyed brushing his teeth. Some days he is OK with it, some days it involves tantrums, yelling, time-outs and a good stiff drink (for us, not him). Recently, Steven had one such night. As he was standing in the bathroom waiting for Matthew to pull himself together, he idly put paste on the toothbrush. Whammo – tantrum over!

Matthew: Daddy, what’s in that?

Steven: Toothpaste.

Matthew – No, what’s in the toothpaste.

Steven – Fluoride.

Matthew – What else?

Steven (reading from the tube) – Blue dye #1

Matthew – Nooooo, Daddy, that’s silly.

Steven – Yes, it says so right here.

Matthew (laughing hysterically) – No, EYEBROW #1, hahahahaha, Daddy’s nose #1! Paci #!

This went on for a few minutes until he had exhausted his list of things he could put with “number one” and still make himself laugh. And then he brushed his teeth, read some books, and went to bed.

Blue dye #1….who knew?

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