Car Transporter

A conversation in the car driving home from a play ground.

Matthew: Ho ho ho

Mommy: What?

Matthew: Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas!

Mommy: Isn’t it a little early for that? (It is the first week of October)

Matthew: I was thinking of a car transporter.

Mommy: (silent while she wracks her brains for recent conversations about – aha!) You mean, the one we saw by the road last week?

Matthew: No. The one Santa is going to bring me.

Mommy: Santa is going to bring you a car transporter?

Matthew: Yes. You remember. The one we saw in the book (he means catalog)

Mommy: Oh, I see. You think Santa will bring this?

Matthew: Yes.

So, apparently “Santa” needs to start looking for a car transporter. If any elves out there know of a good one, please let Santa know.

Sigh….the first week of October!


October 6, 2008. Matthew.


  1. mommyofgodiva replied:

    Don’t feel bad…Christina told me today that she wants santa to bring her a trampoline and a candy cane 🙂

  2. SK replied:

    henry has a car transporter. It’s a Superman car transporter which he thinks is super duper. He and Jake have been very excited about the holidays & keep telling me, “Thanksgiving, birthdays (theirs ; ), then Christmas ; )”

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