I don’t know why people feel compelled to tell mothers of young children what to do, but they do. Someone should stop them. Seriously.

After play group at a park this morning, we convened to a local McD’s for lunch and moral support. Some of us (me) were having a tough morning. When we walked in some lady looked at David – sitting so sweetly in the stroller, sucking his paci – and said, “You don’t need that thing in your mouth!”


David is too little to defend himself, so I said – in a nice voice, with a big smile – “Oh yes he does. And you don’t want to be the one who takes it out!”

I said some other stuff, too, but not out loud.

How helpful could she think she was being?


October 8, 2008. David.

One Comment

  1. SK replied:

    Girl…that is so annoying. It’s too bad that someone didn’t put a paci in her mouth ; )

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