Party, party…

We had two parties today. Steven’s cousin, Elizabeth, got married in a beautiful ceremony this morning. Elizabeth was radiant, Dan (her new husband) looked very happy. Everything went smoothly, except when they brought empty ring boxes, but Tom and Janice were able to retrieve the rings before the wedding began. Phew! I got one decent photo at the reception. All the rest were blurry. Oops. But here is a great photo of David with Goo goo.

The boys napped in the car (thank goodness!) while we traveled from the reception to the annual lobster fest at a friend’s house. This coincided with their youngest son’s first birthday (a month younger than David).

Joshua got his very own Elmo cake.

It looks like he liked it.

Matthew and Hannah got mini-chocolate cupcakes.

Hannah actually ate her cupcake. Matthew licked off the icing.

David enjoyed playing with toys. He didn’t have a cupcake. He ate beans. I’ll pay for it later, I’m sure.

Josh got a new ride-on toy for his birthday. The “big kids” enjoyed giving him rides.

And then a certain “big kid” we know got a turn for himself.

David and Josh got some time to play alone.

It’s really too bad I don’t have a video of the two of them talking to each other. One would burble a few comments “dadadada ta ta diz diz grppp” and the other one would answer “blurp blurp wooble wooble aahh aahh aahh!” They kept it up while they walked around the toys. Finally David had a conversation with someone who could understand him!


October 18, 2008. the boys.

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