New Park

We visited a new park this morning, Great Falls Grange. It wasn’t the place we intended to go, but GPS gave a disappointing performance.

Both boys had a great time. Matthew stopped running around long enough to join David on the swings.

David walked around the slides, played in mulch, and gave his new walking shoes a work-out. It was the first time he has really been able to explore a play ground.

Matthew convinced one of the nannies to give him a ride on a tire swing with her own charges. No one ever accused him of being too shy!

There was a series of tunnels on the main play structure that Matthew really liked. I got David up on the bridge and the boys played peek-a-boo.

And then Matthew slid down right into David. Oops.

Unfortunately, the camera battery died and I missed taking the best picture of the day. David side-stepped his way to another tunnel, climbed in, and crawled through. So, of course, mommy did too. These tunnels were not made for adults. David went back and forth and back and forth several times.

So, maybe GPS didn’t lead us astray after all.


October 21, 2008. the boys.


  1. Susie replied:

    Glad to hear David is playing in mulch rather than eating it. I guess he learned his lesson.


  2. shellstrum replied:

    I love this park! I did hear that it is full of nannies rather than moms though. That is Great Falls for you:)

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