Blue Dye #1

Living with a toddler is a lot like walking through a mine field wearing a blind fold. You know you are going to have an explosion, you just don’t know when. And the explosion might last awhile, or it might be brief. Just as we never really know what is going to set it off, we can never be sure what will bring it to an end.

Matthew has never enjoyed brushing his teeth. Some days he is OK with it, some days it involves tantrums, yelling, time-outs and a good stiff drink (for us, not him). Recently, Steven had one such night. As he was standing in the bathroom waiting for Matthew to pull himself together, he idly put paste on the toothbrush. Whammo – tantrum over!

Matthew: Daddy, what’s in that?

Steven: Toothpaste.

Matthew – No, what’s in the toothpaste.

Steven – Fluoride.

Matthew – What else?

Steven (reading from the tube) – Blue dye #1

Matthew – Nooooo, Daddy, that’s silly.

Steven – Yes, it says so right here.

Matthew (laughing hysterically) – No, EYEBROW #1, hahahahaha, Daddy’s nose #1! Paci #!

This went on for a few minutes until he had exhausted his list of things he could put with “number one” and still make himself laugh. And then he brushed his teeth, read some books, and went to bed.

Blue dye #1….who knew?


October 22, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Yeye replied:

    The blue color is Indigotin. It is all synthetic now, in the all days, it came from plants. You can google on it!

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