Home Again

We made it home yesterday afternoon in decent time. Actually, it was one of our better trips. We managed to not stop the whole way! We picked up Chinese for dinner and came home to unpack. Here are some trips stats:

Driving time – 7 hours, round trip

Days/Nights in DE – 4/3

Trips to hospital – 1

Walks on the beach – 0

Games of soccer in backyard with cousins – 2

Purses purchased from Coach outlet – 1

Holiday sweaters purchased for the boys – 2

Versions of turkey consumed during 4 days – 4

Maximum consecutive hours of sleep enjoyed by either parent – 3

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Beebe Med Center – take two

What do you do when you need to work off a little Thanksgiving dinner? In our case, take your baby to the local hospital for an hour or two to have a rash checked out.

Yep, for the second time in four months we headed over to the Beebe Medical Center. We went back in the summer with Matthew. This time it was David. He broke out in a rash on his trunk and it needed to be looked at in case he is allergic to Amoxicillin.

Which he is. They were all very nice and efficient. And I recognized one or two of the staff from before.

Really, the only down-side (aside for the whole idea of spending Thanksgiving evening at a hospital) was that we missed dessert. By the time we got home it was time to get the boys to bed and there just wasn’t time. I had dreams of pecan pie.

Which I ate for breakfast the next day.

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We have much to be thankful for today. Steven and I are thankful that we got naps in. Last night was pretty rough.

Matthew is thankful his cousins are here.

David is thankful for the parade of loving relatives who are all too happy to play, read, sing, and snuggle.

Most of all, we are all very thankful for our family and our friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Baby Wearing

I got a lot of use out of my various wraps and slings with Matthew and David. It was an easy way to “hold” a fussy baby while getting something done. I remember spending one evening walking up and down the block with David in the Moby wrap while he cried his colicy self out.

Maybe he remembers that, too.


He was so proud of himself for getting the Maya wrap on.

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Thump thump thump

The dryer is going as I finish up the last few tasks of the day. I can hear an odd thump…thump…thump… Odd because t-shirts and socks don’t usually make that much noise. So I go look. And what do I find?

A green block.

How did that get in there, you ask?


He likes to play with the dryer.

He likes to put things in the dryer.


It’s just too bad he’s asleep and missing all the fun.

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Froggy and Groggy

More than a week of coughing has left Matthew sounding froggy.

Getting up in the middle of the night to do the nebulizer has left mommy groggy.

The antibiotic makes David’s diapers…soggy.

It could be worse, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be glad when we are all hale and hearty again.

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David had a bad fever yesterday afternoon. He was lethargic, coughing, snot everywhere. We headed off to the after-hours clinic for a few hours of blood draws, chest x-rays and waiting.

It was awful. The news wasn’t much better. David has pneumonia. The cold we have all had settled in his chest and lungs. We came home with some antibiotics and a brand new machine – the nebulizer. It sounds like a jet engine and smokes like an over-heated car. David hates it.

Hates. It.

We have to use it every 4 -6 hours, round the clock, for the next few days.

Did I mention that he hates it?

This morning, Daddy got him to sit relatively calmly for the treatment, so I took a picture.


I don’t know if using a paci is OK, but it kept him from being a hysterical mess so I’m going with it.

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There are a number of basketball players on Steven’s side. His paternal grandmother was on the women’s national team in China. Yeye played much more than his parents wanted, and even lied about a broken arm to keep them from finding out how much he really played. Steven played on his high school team and well into adulthood until he ruptured his achilles tendon.

I don’t know if the boys will inherit this gift. Sadly, they get half of their sport’s-related genes from me, and all I can say is that I made it through 5 semesters of college PE without touching a ball. But Matthew seems to have some interest.


We may need to review the rules again.

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Guess what? You can make pudding with soy milk! I decided to experiment with this when Matthew came home from school and announced he didn’t get any “banilla ice cream” for snack. He meant vanilla pudding, and he DID get a rice krispy cookie, but I thought it might be worth trying.

Last week, when I took Matthew to the grocery store, he grabbed a box of chocolate pudding with mint chips off the shelf and insisted we needed it. So I made it for snack.



I think it was a success, don’t you?

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Hair today…

…gone tomorrow!


Life was a little crazy after David was born. Have I mentioned that? When he was six months old, and I still had not had a haircut, I decided to grow out my hair for a year and then donate it to Locks of Love. Today was the Big Day.





Matthew said,”Nice hair, Mommy.”

David has reserved judgement for now.

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