David had a bad fever yesterday afternoon. He was lethargic, coughing, snot everywhere. We headed off to the after-hours clinic for a few hours of blood draws, chest x-rays and waiting.

It was awful. The news wasn’t much better. David has pneumonia. The cold we have all had settled in his chest and lungs. We came home with some antibiotics and a brand new machine – the nebulizer. It sounds like a jet engine and smokes like an over-heated car. David hates it.

Hates. It.

We have to use it every 4 -6 hours, round the clock, for the next few days.

Did I mention that he hates it?

This morning, Daddy got him to sit relatively calmly for the treatment, so I took a picture.


I don’t know if using a paci is OK, but it kept him from being a hysterical mess so I’m going with it.


November 22, 2008. David.


  1. shellstrum replied:

    Poor little guy!! I think the paci is okay, I let Bennett nurse before when he used it! We have never managed to use it with the mask, I just hold it right under his nose and the nurse said that was okay. Add a little Baby Einstein, and Bennett got used to it… Hope it at least makes him feel better!

  2. Kelly replied:

    Poor David. I’m so sorry he’s sick. I agree with Shelley. The suckie is okay. Avery slurped away on his during treatments. I hope the next few days go by quickly.

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