Happy Nappers

We have been busy busy busy ! With all the family gatherings and holiday celebrating bed times and nap times have been a little off.

Matthew and Daddy decided to catch up on some much needed sleep.


You can’t really tell, but that white blog next to Steven is Max, curled up in the blanket. He feels that a good afternoon nap is essential. Of course, Max’s idea of an afternoon nap is one that starts at 10 am and runs a good portion of the day.

We can’t all be so lucky.

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Birthday Brunch

We celebrated Meghan’s birthday with brunch. About 15 minutes after we showed up we heard a BOOM! and then the lights went out. As did the coffee pot. Bummer. Luckily we had a pot made, and luckier still, Uncle Franco could cook the bacon, pancakes, and eggs on the gas burners.


The kids had a good time playing while brunch was being prepared. David got a chance to play a duet with Meghan on the piano,


and Matthew learned the joys of playing “Mouse trap.”


The boys again enjoyed eating at the kid’s table. This time, Uncle Franco took a turn feeding David.


We had presents next. Meghan got some books and some clothes for her new doll. Best of all, she got  a Hannah Montana CD. This is a big deal for a 7 year old girl.*


Then we got cake. Yummy chocolate cake.


It was hard for Matthew to tear himself away from the “Cars” book Alexander got. David had no such trouble.


And just as we were finishing up with cake, BING!, the lights came back on. I am betting that Meghan closed the door behind us and went straight to the CD player to listen to her favorite gift.

We went  home to sleep off the chocolate cake.

* Just a note. I met Steven before Meghan was born. She is now 7 years old. SEVEN. Yikes.

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Pageant of Peace

We took the boys to see the National Christmas Tree this week. My dad and I went when I was a kid and I was pretty sure Matthew would get a kick out of it. He loves lights and decorations of any kind. January is going to be a sad month for him.

We  headed down with Nana and Grandpa. It was cold. It was actually warmer than it had been, but I hadn’t been walking around outside and I was under dressed. Brrrr. Matthew didn’t notice in the least. As we were walking towards the Ellipse he was calling out “Mommy! Look! A big building!” and “Mommy! Look! Lights!” he meant the street lights. Three is such a cheerful age. We could have walked up and down 16th street for an hour and he would have had just as much fun.

But we pressed on to see The Big Tree.


Guess what was underneath?


Trains! How happy were we?


Grandpa and Daddy gave the boys a bird’s eye view of the trains.


Matthew also liked Santa’s workshop. Santa had left, of course, but there were some elf feet sticking out of the hay loft with a sign saying “Shhh! Elves sleeping!” Matthew has talked about it every day since.

It was so busy there David couldn’t really walk around. He didn’t mind being carried.


The state trees were a little disappointing. It was hard to see the ornaments and they weren’t super creative. Or maybe they were and we just couldn’t tell. At any rate, we mostly hung around the big tree ogling the trains.

You could see the White house, all lit for Christmas. It was beautiful, although it’s hard to get a good picture in the dark.


Then we headed to Caribou coffe for hot chocolate, hot coffee… hot anything, because we were pretty cold!

And we looked at all the tall buildings and street lights all the way back to car.

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Holiday Part III

After rest time on Christmas day we headed over to Goo goo and Uncle Franco’s house for dinner. The kids ran around and had a lot of fun, except Meghan was sick and couldn’t get too near David. She loves to play with him, so she was a little bummed.

Matthew and Alexander are at a very good age separation. Alexander is a little older and knows how to do things, but they are close enough they both like the same games and toys. Here they are playing with Meghan’s new doll.


Daddy did some rough-housing and a lot of tickling.


This was the first year we had a kid’s table. Mommy had to sit there with David for awhile.


After dinner we opened more gifts. Matthew got a quarry.


David got a train…


… and a puppy dog sweater from Grand Yau yau.


Dessert was pretty raucous at the kid’s table.


David got to sit with Grandma and play with the Tupperware.


Fun fun fun!


We had a great Christmas, but boy are we glad to get back to going to bed at regular times.

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Holidays Part II

Santa came during the night and left a few gifts for the boys. Blessedly, the boys are still too young to wake up early Christmas morning. We were able to enjoy stockings and gifts while sipping coffee at the decent hour of 7 am.

David got some Sesame Street things and a few cars just for himself.


Matthew got the car transporter he had asked for, and a Shinkansen train for his wooden train. (He is yelling “CHEESE.”)


They got to open the gifts from their aunts, too, including a bean bag toss that both boys liked.



Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Susie, and Uncle Clem came over for presents and brunch.

Matthew was happy to help with the gift unwrapping.


Clem got a mug with the boys in Steeler’s garb. I was totally excited for him to open it and his reaction did not disappoint.


Aunt Susie got a bunch of kitchen equipment, which she really needs even though she says she doesn’t. Max was happy with all the warm laps.


Grandpa and David snuggled on the couch with David’s favorite gift, giggly Elmo. It talks when you wiggle it.


David also like picking through Susie’s stocking pile. He especially liked the mini ponies.


Daddy got a chance to play with one of the trucks the boys got.


Nana and Susie helped get brunch ready… strata, fruit salad, pecan rolls, jingle juice, sausage…. oh so good!


David loves sausage.


So does Matthew.


I wish I knew what was said right before Steven took this next shot.


The boys played with the airport (David’s gift, officially) for the rest of the morning until rest time…


…when we all took a nap.

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Holidays Part I

We had a good Christmas, although it was a busy one. We started off with the family Christmas Eve dinner.


This isn’t a great shot of Matthew, but it gives you a good idea of what he was like for 24+ hours.

I’m thinking of making this next year’s Christmas card picture.


Aunt Susie has such a nice smile, doesn’t she? Plus, the boys are both looking at the camera.

David had a pretty good time. He got a chance to chat with Uncle Steve.


And was quite happy to drink Aunt Patty’s Pepsi.


Matthew enjoyed playing with this year’s gag gift to Aunt Vicki, a barking alarm clock.


Grandpa had a great time playing with the grandchildren. David thoroughly enjoyed the attention. Mommy enjoyed having both hands free to eat.


Nana was pretty busy laying out food and keeping things organized (but not so busy she couldn’t have a cup of fully-loaded wassil. Or two).


Clem and Susie had a lot more fun than Clem is letting on.



Ted is sporting the traditional Christmas crown, which he got by winning (or, perhaps, losing) at the traditional Christmas crackers.

After the party we headed to Christmas Eve service. Matthew was super tired by the end and sang “I don’t want to be here anymore! I want to go hoooooooome.” during the last song. And then stuffed my scarf into my mouth.

Cookies for Santa were frosted and plated, pajamas from the elves were donned, bedtime stories were read, and the boys were tucked in for the night.


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Which Milk?

After Christmas Eve dinner and church service, we took care of the important work of putting out cookies for Santa. And carrots for the reindeer. And celery, because Matthew insisted.

We iced the cookies, added sprinkles, and arranged them on the plate. Then we had to make a decision. Which milk would we give Santa? We have two kinds in our house. Soy milk is what Matthew and David drink. “Icky milk” is what Daddy drinks.


Matthew decided Santa would take a glass of icky milk.

Santa’s helper helped herself to a glass of wassil and a shot of Brandy. It was the perfect thing to have while stuffing stockings and cleaning the family room.

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We have been enjoying our advent calendar this year. I got a big wooden Nativity scene with magnetic people, animals, and stars. Every day we open a box and see what magnet is inside. Every day Matthew asks, “Where is Baby Jesus?” and every day I tell him we won’t see until Christmas Eve.


Finally, he got to open the 24th box.


Aha! Here is Baby Jesus!

And even though he has already opened each box on the calendar, he had to go back and make sure there was nothing left.


You can’t really see David in the background, but he thinks the whole thing is a laugh riot.

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Little Drummer Boy

David got into my pots and pans drawer and selected a new favorite item.


The butter dish.

It makes a very excellent drum. He proved this by marching around the kitchen banging and banging and banging and banging.


He was so proud of himself.


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It’s Almost Here


The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped,

The cookies are baked (I wish I had napped!).

Just one more day until Christmas Eve

Then we’ll see what Santa has got up his sleeve!

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