Christmas Trains

* Matthew is on my lap “helping.”

Yesterday, we went to the Botanic Gardens to see the Christmas trains. [o0?>=-9  We rode the Metro train with our friends Caroline and Katherine. The train ride alone was an adventure to the kids, who all seemed to enjoy the novelty.

There was a huge tree as soon as we stepped inside, with a train running around the base. It was beautiful.


Matthew liked the circus train the best.


The caterpillar train was also a big hit.


The decorations were great. There were a lot of fairy tale characters, like the three little pigs.


The life-sized toy soldier was also popular


David enjoyed himself, too. Grandpa took some time off of work to meet us. The two of them ran around taking in the endlessly chugging trains,


including ones that ran around the ceiling.


I dressed the boys in holiday shirts in the hopes of getting a Christmas card photo. Getting both of them to look in the same direction at the same time, while smiling, is a nearly impossible task.

Matthew looks good in this one.


David looks good in this one.


I have nearly a dozen pictures where neither one looks good, but after MUCH jumping, snapping, begging, and threatening, we got one decent photo.


The ride home was uneventful (thankfully!). David slept on the train, Matthew slept in the car. All in all, a successful field trip.


December 3, 2008. the boys, trips.

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