Diaper Rash

David was singing the Diaper Rash Blues during Thanksgiving week. The antibiotic (the one to which he was allergic) gave him terrible diaper rash. The docs at the hospital suggested he have some time to air dry. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.


Matthew thought it was pretty funny.


Truth be told, David thought it was pretty funny, too.

The new antibiotic was much gentler on David’s tummy, and the worst of the rash is gone, but he still has the remnants. It has been one long illness.


December 7, 2008. David.


  1. clarkie300 replied:

    I hope the rash cleared up for your little guy, did you have any luck with any specific brand of cream? My daughter has a terrible rash right now and I’m wondering what to try

  2. boysgonewild replied:

    We washed him with warm water, instead of wipes, let him air dry a bit, and then smothered his bottom with Desitin.

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