Birthday Brunch

We celebrated Meghan’s birthday with brunch. About 15 minutes after we showed up we heard a BOOM! and then the lights went out. As did the coffee pot. Bummer. Luckily we had a pot made, and luckier still, Uncle Franco could cook the bacon, pancakes, and eggs on the gas burners.


The kids had a good time playing while brunch was being prepared. David got a chance to play a duet with Meghan on the piano,


and Matthew learned the joys of playing “Mouse trap.”


The boys again enjoyed eating at the kid’s table. This time, Uncle Franco took a turn feeding David.


We had presents next. Meghan got some books and some clothes for her new doll. Best of all, she got  a Hannah Montana CD. This is a big deal for a 7 year old girl.*


Then we got cake. Yummy chocolate cake.


It was hard for Matthew to tear himself away from the “Cars” book Alexander got. David had no such trouble.


And just as we were finishing up with cake, BING!, the lights came back on. I am betting that Meghan closed the door behind us and went straight to the CD player to listen to her favorite gift.

We went  home to sleep off the chocolate cake.

* Just a note. I met Steven before Meghan was born. She is now 7 years old. SEVEN. Yikes.


December 30, 2008. family, holidays.

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