Spoonfully Employed

David has been practicing with his spoon. He decided to give his yogurt a try.


Hmmm, well the handle doesn’t work as well as I thought.


This works better.


Requires some coordination, though.


Maybe I’ll just use my hand, instead.


I am so good at this!

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Man of Letters

Since we were stuck inside a lot this week, I got out the letter cookie cutters for Matthew. He is very into letters these days. He likes to point them out on signs, in the paper, and on TV. He’ll sit and spell out the words on his place mat and in his books.

His favorite letter, of course, is M.


He liked pushing the cutter down into the dough.


It took some prodding, but I convinced him to make David’s name, too.


The best part was frosting them. Matthew got to do the sprinkles himself. He is not a minimalist when it comes to sprinkles.


They were pretty tasty, if you like a LOT of sugar.

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Ice is nice if you want a drink.

Or if you’re skating on a rink.


But it’s a big fat pain, I think,

If you want to go out and play.


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First Snow of ’09

It’s our first snowfall of the season. When Matthew woke up I dragged him to the window so he could see the snow. So exciting! After breakfast I rummaged around for snow pants and boots for the boys and we headed out.

David was not too sure about the white stuff on the driveway.


Matthew tried tasting it.


Then he shoveled. He did a good job, too.


David stayed in one spot.


I’m not exaggerating. He was glued to that spot for about 20 minutes until he had had enough and started wailing.

We came in, warmed up, and then tried the sled. This was a lot more fun.


Matthew pulled David around for a bit, and then Mommy took over. We found a few good hills.


Then Mommy found a super good hill, except she tipped over the sled trying to get to the top. David landed face down in the snow with Matthew on top of him. It would have been funny if David hadn’t been wailing (again!) and covered in snow.

Actually, it was still pretty funny, but we headed home anyway.


For hot chocolate! Yum-o.

January 27, 2009. Mommy, the boys. 1 comment.

A Promise

On Friday it was 50 degrees. Fifty! After weeks of freezing-and-below temps, it felt almost balmy. We went out for dinner and let the kids run up and down the sidewalk. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. It was just so nice to enjoy being outside.

I have changed my opinion of fifty degrees.

Fifty is fine! It’s sublime!

We’ll take fifty any old time!

Today when we left for church is was 15 degrees. Yep, fifteen.

I needed another layer and my gloves.

I miss fifty.

I promise to never ever complain when it is 50 fabulous degrees outside again.

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Snack time

We like snacks. Matthew has chosen a few on recent trips to the grocery store (which is why I like to take David when I go).

His latest find? Trix cereal. It has lots of fun colors. David loves it.


Matthew is very good at sharing food, especially with David.


Especially when the food comes out of David’s own cup.


David really loves his brother. He has good reasons.

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Inauguration Dessert

I couldn’t let such a big occasion as our presidential inauguration pass without making a fun dessert.


Matthew helped with the sprinkles. He also insisted that we put an icing “M” on the dessert. It’s his favorite letter. You can understand why.

The rice krispie USA cake was a big hit.


Matthew thought blue frosting on his nose was about the funniest thing ever.


That is, until he discovered he could stick rice krispie treats on his face.


David agreed.


Now, how could a Ball be more fun than this?

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Mommy and Daddy have been trying hard to get some exercise recently. The boys enjoy playing in the basement while we walk (or jog) on the treadmill. They especially like when we are done and THEY can have a turn.

The pre-workout stretch is very important.


He kept up a steady pace .


David wanted a turn, too.


Matthew gave him some pointers,


and demonstrated how you can get an upper body workout as well.


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Air & Space

Since Grandpa had a few extra days off this week, we took advantage of his good nature and dragged him off to the local branch of the Air and Space museum.

I told Matthew we would get to see the space shuttle, so that is where he wanted to start off.


I got Matthew to stand still for about 2 seconds to get a group shot. He was fascinated by everything and no sooner got an eye-full of one neat plane/satellite/missile than he found another one to go look at.


Like their matching clothes? Since this was the big Inauguration of Barack Obama, we all wore red, white & blue (except Grandpa, who voted for McCain.)

Grandpa made sure he read all the plaques. Aunt Susie can tell you all about Grandpa’s love of reading historical markers of all kinds.


After running past the airplanes on the floor, we headed up the ramp to take a look at the ones hanging from the ceiling. Matthew was thrilled by the “upside-down airplane.”


David had a good time riding around on Grandpa. He kept pointing out the planes and jabbering away.


We lunched at McDonald’s in the museum and then the boys played under the tables.


After lunch, Grandpa took Matthew on a plane simulator.


It was supposed to show what a fighter-pilot sees from WWI to present day. Matthew made it to the beginning of WWII when he decided it was too scary.

We headed up to the observation tower next. We had the place almost to ourselves, which was good because they ran around like maniacs.



We got to see a plane land,


and our new mini van in the parking lot. See what I mean? Hardly anyone was there.


On the way down we stopped in at the air traffic controller room. This is a job I hope to never have. Also, substitute bus driver. The stress!


Our last stop was at a Cessna the museum would let you sit in. The docent showed Matthew how to turn the wheel (do they call it a wheel?) to bank the plane, and how to pull back or push forward to raise and lower the plane.


This made a very satisfying “kathunk” so he did it over and over and over and over again. I think we can safely cross “pilot” off his list of future jobs.

We were there for three hours and I don’t think Matthew would have left except he was so exhausted he could hardly walk. David had fallen asleep in the stroller. After settling the boys into bed at home I collapsed, too. According to Nana, Grandpa did the same when he got back to their house. Sure sign of a successful trip!

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Puddle Jumping

The boys found our blue sleeping bag the other morning and decided to put it to better use.


They turned it into a puddle, and then they did what boys do with puddles. They jumped on it.


Matthew made sure David understood exactly what to do.


He likes to demonstrate the appropriate noises, too.


David is a good student.



I think he’s got it!

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