New Siding

The men (or “mans” as Matthew calls them) came back today to finish putting up the new siding. They started on Monday, took down the old siding and put up insulation. Then it rained. For two days.

Today it is not raining. Today, Matthew went back to school.

Today is a good day.

And the siding is going up!


This involves a whole lot of hammering. Loud, incessant hammering.


Matthew is fascinated by the scaffolding, debris, and equipment laying around the yard.


Every time a scrap piece falls down he yells, “Look! The siding is falling down!”


David is less interested. He did enjoy a game of “banging the trash can in tune with the hammers” at breakfast this morning.

Max, on the other hand, is not happy. He spent his morning sitting in my line of sight and meowing at me to get the noise to stop. When that didn’t work, he barfed up some dirt on the kitchen floor.

Too bad there isn’t any pre-school for kitties.


January 8, 2009. family.

One Comment

  1. Shelley replied:

    Anytime you need hammering and debris to entertain, come to my house. Next week you can add “drawing in drywall dust” to the list of activities that could keep Matthew busy.

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