Cold Weather Apparel

It was 8 degrees yesterday morning.


As in, less than 10. As in, well below freezing. Twenty-four degrees below freezing, to be exact.

And what were my boys wearing?


That’s right. NOTHING. They thought it was the funniest thing in the world to be running around sans clothing.


Acting like bears.



And hanging upside down with Daddy.

I think they would have stayed like that all day, but Daddy had errands to run and the boys think it is a hoot to go run errands.

Eight degrees. That’s all I’m saying.


January 18, 2009. Daddy, the boys.

One Comment

  1. Kelly replied:

    They like to run errands?!?!?!? Special diet? Bribery? Hypnosis? What did you do to make that happen?

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