Chili Cook-off

Last night was the annual chili cook-off at church. This year I decided to bring a pot of our current favorite – Boilermaker Tailgate Chili. It’s totally yummy. Steven had to go to the store twice for extra ingredients I forgot to buy.

We didn’t win the chili cook-off, but we had a good time anyway.


I made a Sunbutter sandwich for Matthew, who doesn’t much care for chili. Daddy was in spicy-food heaven.


David tagged along while Steven got his umpteenth bowl.


David was pretty adventurous, as a matter of fact. He ran around and around and around. He is usually more reserved in large crowds of people he doesn’t know, but not last night.

After the chili was eaten we got down to the real business of the evening. Bingo. On the car ride over we decided it would be the M’s against the D’s. Mommy and Matthew shared one card, David and Daddy the other.


Daddy’s strategy in filling out his card was to use as many prime number as he could.


Mommy’s strategy was to keep Matthew from eating the Bingo pieces (M&Ms).


It took awhile, but eventually “The M’s”  won a Bingo game. It was very exciting. Matthew got to choose his own prize, and guess what they had? A Matchbox firetruck. Yippee!! All the way home, Matthew told Steven, “The M’s won – ha ha!”

This last picture is just for Uncle Clem.


Go Steelers!


January 19, 2009. family.


  1. Susie replied:

    Hooray! I’ll make sure Uncle Clem sees the picture. He yelled so loudly last night watching the game he lost his voice. Ah, the sweet silence!

  2. the other E replied:

    The affinity for prime numbers must run in the family! Congratulations to the “M’s” 🙂 I’ll bet the M&Ms were rooting for you! (The ones that Matthew didn’t eat anyway) 😉

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