First Snow of ’09

It’s our first snowfall of the season. When Matthew woke up I dragged him to the window so he could see the snow. So exciting! After breakfast I rummaged around for snow pants and boots for the boys and we headed out.

David was not too sure about the white stuff on the driveway.


Matthew tried tasting it.


Then he shoveled. He did a good job, too.


David stayed in one spot.


I’m not exaggerating. He was glued to that spot for about 20 minutes until he had had enough and started wailing.

We came in, warmed up, and then tried the sled. This was a lot more fun.


Matthew pulled David around for a bit, and then Mommy took over. We found a few good hills.


Then Mommy found a super good hill, except she tipped over the sled trying to get to the top. David landed face down in the snow with Matthew on top of him. It would have been funny if David hadn’t been wailing (again!) and covered in snow.

Actually, it was still pretty funny, but we headed home anyway.


For hot chocolate! Yum-o.


January 27, 2009. Mommy, the boys.

One Comment

  1. SK replied:

    Oh, I’m so jealous. We didn’t get in snow…just sleet : ( Love the pics!

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