Family Room Re-Do

It was time for the pack-n-play to go. I never really used the “play” aspect of it. Mostly I just threw in the extra diapers, blankets, toys and toddlers I had lying around the family room.

But I got a new set of toy bins and I decided The Time Had Come! I emptied the pack-n-play, moved around some furniture and sorted out toys.

The pack-n-play has been in this corner since we got ready for David’s arrival (note the Santa gift bag. It’s February.)


Matthew had some ideas for sorting the toys. He thought pillows should go in one bin, books in another, and all the other bins stacked together.


David’s idea was to sit on the couch and observe (Thank You, David!).


We worked on it this weekend and things are getting better.


The bins are filling up now, but not with pillows. Mostly we have cars, big cars, Bob cars, Thomas trains, other trains… you get the idea.


We’ll have a family room, yet!


February 4, 2009. family, Mommy, the boys.

One Comment

  1. Beth replied:

    It looks great!

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