Refrigerator Blues

The frozen waffles were not so frozen on Friday morning. At first, we thought the freezer door had been left open over night, but at 3 pm, when nothing had re-frozen, we realized the awful truth. The fridge was broken.

We are fortunate to have a second fridge in the basement. I carted down everything, took out the soda and beer that we keep downstairs, and filled it up with a week’s worth of groceries.


We ate one lunch in the basement so we didn’t have to cart all the cold food up and then back down. Of course, we had to cart all the pantry food down, and then back up.

Still, it was fun for a change.


David lunched on Daddy’s lap (I didn’t mean to cut off Steven’s head).


Matthew used the coffee table and rested in his rocking chair.


After lunch, we hung out on the couch.


Which inevitably led to horsing around.

The fridge was fixed Tuesday morning. It’s nice and shiny clean. And pretty empty, because we lost most of what was in the freezer and I can only carry so much “fridge food” each time I come upstairs.

But I’m not complaining. People go for weeks without power after a storm. We were much much luckier than that!

** Update 2/20/09 – The fridge broke again on Wed. night. The repairman came today and fixed the same part. Again. I’m cautiously optomistic.


February 18, 2009. family.

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