I’ve gotten some great gifts since becoming a mother. I have a picture holder Matthew painted when he was two, with his sweet smiling face inside. This past Christmas he brought home an oven mitt with his hand print in gold paint.

He brought me a gift on Saturday after swim class.


He was very proud of himself. He showed me how wiggly and slimy it was.


I made him put it out in the back yard.

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David is Sick

I don’t feel good.


I don’t want to play.

I don’t want to eat.

My head hurts.

I’m pretty sure I have a fever.


I think I’ll just hang out on the couch with Daddy today.


Can have I get some Tylenol, please?

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It’s too early to plant the tomatoes and zucchini for summer, but I wanted to give Matthew a chance to plant something. So we got our dirt (and dump truck) out and planted some marigold seeds. In about 6 – 8 weeks we can plant them out by the garden plot. Assuming we have a garden plot by then…

Filling containers up with dirt, boy style.

Filling containers up with dirt, boy style.

The dedicated gardener always uses the proper tools.

The dedicated gardener always uses the proper tools.

Marigold seeds, sunbathing in the bathroom window, dreaming green leafy dreams.

Marigold seeds, sunbathing in the bathroom window, dreaming green leafy dreams.

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Air & Space Museum

We went to the Dulles Air & Space museum on Tuesday with our buddies Caroline and Katherine (and their mother, Liz).

We started with Matthew’s favorite item – the space shuttle. He walked through the whole hanger saying “Wow! It’s enormous!”


After viewing the helicopters and attempting to go into restricted “staff only” doors, we stopped for a snack.


The kids really liked checking out all the cases full of models, toys, and period equipment.

Matthew and Caroline enjoyed flying the Cessna.


David took a turn, too.


He seemed a little uncertain.

After lunch we headed up the observation tower to watch planes taking off and landing. This is always my  favorite part. The boys enjoyed running around the tower. Matthew and Caroline traded pairs of sunglasses.


Matthew, of course, ran off before I could snap the photo.

The trip ended, as I mentioned before, badly. Poor Matthew. He really hates barfing. Caroline was a trooper. David fell asleep (go figure).

But I must say, if you have to have a child barfing in the back of car, you want Liz as your wing man. She was of invaluable help.

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Tired Matthew

Matthew had a rough day yesterday. After a fun trip to the Air & Space Museum (pictures tomorrow) he got sick in the car. He got sick all over the car. And himself. And his mother. He was so upset and miserable. I don’t carry extra clothes any more (memo to self – put extra clothes and paper towels in the car!) so he had to ride home wrapped in a blanket.

We had a quiet afternoon. He put on pajamas and watched some TV, first on “Mommy’s pillows” then on the couch.


He fell asleep around dinner time for a bit.


Daddy was sad to see Matthew feeling so icky. He was a very good “consolation crew” member for the evening.

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Tired David

David had a rough weekend. Shots combined with teething left him feeling cranky and out of sorts.


By Monday afternoon, he was all tuckered out.


A nice rest in his crib restored his spirits.

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Problem Solving

Matthew is developing some pretty good problem solving skills.

Last week he went up to his room as his friends were leaving. He shut the door. He can’t get it open. I heard him calling “Mommy!” but I had a few things to pick up. “Be right there!” I hollered back. The next time he called out, I headed upstairs. When I opened the door, he sighed.

“Mommy,  I had to go to the potty, but I couldn’t wait for you. So I peed in the trash can.”

See? Problem solving.

I’m just glad he didn’t pee in the bed.

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18 Month Info

We had David’s 18 month appointment on Friday. Here is the summary:

Height: 31 in. (15 %) big jump for him

Weight: 21 lb., 9 oz. (4 %)

Head circ.: 18 in., (10 %)

Shots: 2 – MMR and chicken pox. Fun for everyone.

Issues: 1, slow language acquisition

We had a long talk about David’s talking. Or lack thereof. He has a few words (Mama, Dada, hi, banana, cracker) and one sign (more), but he is clearly frustrated with his inability to express himself. In fact, he provided an excellent demonstration of said frustration in the office as I went through every item in the bag trying to figure out what he wanted.

Our pediatrician suggested we call Early Intervention for an assessment.

Oh, and we got a prescription for cortizone to use on the worst of his eczema spots.

After the shots (never fun, but he calmed down quickly) we headed to the grocery store, Target, and then to pick up Matthew. I was not a bit surprised to see him sound asleep in the car seat on our way to school. It was a lot of activity for one morning.

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Big Machines

On Sunday, the boys took a walk around the new road across the street to look at the big machines. We have been watching the big machines working all week. Sometimes we’ll go sit at the corner and just watch them for awhile.


Grandma and Yeye got to go along for the walk.


David, still sporting the Pirate eye patch, enjoyed running in the rain.


Matthew, wearing Thomas pajamas and boots, checked out the dump truck.


All the boys enjoyed “driving” the big machines. It’s going to be a sad day when people move in and we can’t go tromping around anymore.

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Sport Bounce

We went to Sport Bounce yesterday morning to run off some rainy weather energy. The boys had a good time, although the slides are “too big” for David. If only I had lied about his age…

Still, he got to have some fun in the toddler room.

See sawing with big bro' and Grandma

See sawing with big bro' and Grandma

Tunnel Time

Tunnel Time

Matthew played on the various moon bounces (bounci?)


But he especially enjoyed one of the big, inflatable, slides.

Climbing the ladder

Climbing the ladder

Sliding down - whee!

Sliding down - whee!

Checking out the silly mirror.

Checking out the silly mirror.



In honor of St. Patrick’s day, we are all wearing green. Slainte!

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