Mommy’s Projects

I got two big projects done this week.

After church on Sunday, I took the boys to Target for some storage solutions for the bedroom. I put the shoe organizer together on Sunday afternoon. Now my shoes have a home, other than the floor of my closet.


See those empty spaces? That means I get to go shoe shopping!

Next, I put together a cubby bookshelf thing. This was a little more complicated, but I got it done in one nap time.


I am still working on what will go in it, and I need more of the fabric boxes, but it is a big step forward in getting this part of the house back in order.

I actually had a pretty good time with these. It can be quite satisfying to have a project with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Unlike the laundry, which never ever ends….


March 5, 2009. Mommy.

One Comment

  1. Michelle replied:

    Great job!!! Keep it up! BTW, I finally looked up the fly lady and read something about making a sink shine again. It took too many steps for me, so I will just be happy with a dull sink. 🙂

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