In Good Time

When Matthew was a baby I diligently read “What to Expect” every month to see what he should be doing. He was never on target. As a preemie, this wasn’t a big surprise, but I found it so frustrating to look at a list of accomplishments we had yet to achieve. At some point that first year, I tossed the book aside. Matthew progressed at a rate that was exactly right for him, and no one who knows him now would think twice about his development.

When David came into our world I was better prepared for the developmental lag early babies experience. I never bothered to look at the book. Actually, I’m not even sure where it is…. Anyway, he did all the stuff babies are supposed to, exactly at the right time for him. I took it in stride.

Except for the talking.

David will be 18 months old this week. By now, he “should” have about 18 words. If he has them, he sure isn’t sharing them with me. His receptive vocabulary is just fine. And he does some pretty good impressions. Seriously. You should hear his car, or his bear, or his duck. But words? Well, not so much.

He has a few. He says “Mumu” and “nana” (which could be Nana or banana, depending on the context). He is a big fan of yelling “Yeye!” He says “ish” constantly. We think it might mean “this.”

When Daddy comes him David runs across the kitchen, arms outstretched, yelling “IIIIIIIIIIIIII” (which sounds enough like “hi” for us) and then leaps into Steven’s arms. Daddy couldn’t get a better welcome.

Words will come in their own good time. I know this. Until then I’ll remind myself to enjoy the quacking, the vrooming, the growling, and the Daddy-greeting. After all, names of favorite people, a few food words, and big smile will get you pretty far when you’re one.



March 15, 2009. David.

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