Air & Space Museum

We went to the Dulles Air & Space museum on Tuesday with our buddies Caroline and Katherine (and their mother, Liz).

We started with Matthew’s favorite item – the space shuttle. He walked through the whole hanger saying “Wow! It’s enormous!”


After viewing the helicopters and attempting to go into restricted “staff only” doors, we stopped for a snack.


The kids really liked checking out all the cases full of models, toys, and period equipment.

Matthew and Caroline enjoyed flying the Cessna.


David took a turn, too.


He seemed a little uncertain.

After lunch we headed up the observation tower to watch planes taking off and landing. This is always my  favorite part. The boys enjoyed running around the tower. Matthew and Caroline traded pairs of sunglasses.


Matthew, of course, ran off before I could snap the photo.

The trip ended, as I mentioned before, badly. Poor Matthew. He really hates barfing. Caroline was a trooper. David fell asleep (go figure).

But I must say, if you have to have a child barfing in the back of car, you want Liz as your wing man. She was of invaluable help.


March 26, 2009. David, Matthew.

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