Piano Playing

Matthew has loved the piano from a very early age. Here he is at 8 months playing with Daddy.


After service, he loves to go up and visit the church pianist and watch her play. She also leads music class after chapel on Fridays. Yesterday, Matthew hopped up on our piano, opened up the hymnal we have and started playing.


He told me he was singing the “Jesus died” song.


“Jesus died on the cross. The end!”


Then he hopped down and showed me his spider. No, I don’t know why.

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How Matthew Sees the World

Matthew loves to take pictures with our camera. Makes sense, since he sees us doing it all the time.

It’s interesting to see what he wants to photograph. He doesn’t understand how to focus, and goodness knows he lacks the patience to set up a picture before taking it. But the things he photographs are a little window into his world.

He likes to take pictures of people,




favorite toys,



and random body parts.



One of those indestructible kid cameras may be in his future.

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Sleepy Boy

I love watching them sleep. Not only are they quiet, but they are so interesting to watch. I don’t often take pictures because I’m afraid to wake them. Did I mention how quiet they are when they are sleeping?

David had a hard time falling asleep for his nap the other day. I heard him playing around, talking to himself, and looking at some books. When he finally did nod off, I sneaked in to see the damage.


Apparently he felt he needed to move his pillow to the middle of the crib. He is sleeping with his feet where his head should be and vice versa. The blanket is crumpled up nowhere near his legs, but that red and blue puppy? He can’t sleep without it.

Best of all, he is asleep.

Ahhhhh, sweet, peaceful, silence.

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New Plants

We spent a very hot weekend weeding behind the deck and putting in some plants. It looks so much better back there. I didn’t take any pictures of the weeds, but after three years of neglect that section of the yard looked pretty awful. Trust me.


This would be a much better post if I was a good photographer. Maybe next spring they’ll be big enough to see. We got a spirea, a rhododendron, and a dwarf Alberta spruce tree, in addition to a few shrubs.


Daddy decided to use the sprinkler to water our new sod. Matthew was very excited. He ran into the house and then ran back out wearing…


a swim suit. Or “swim suits” as Matthew calls it.


David loves being outside.

He really wanted to get into the back yard to play in the sprinkler.


He just couldn’t quite figure out how.

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We have been thinking about starting a compost pile for a few months now. Last week, I got a mini trash can to collect compostibles in the kitchen.


Steven had the chicken wire, we just had to agree on a good spot. We needed a spot with plenty of sun and not in the middle of the yard. We decided on behind a small grouping of trees.


Hard to see the chicken wire in this picture, I know.


We dumped the little bit of compostible stuff inside and tossed in some leftover sawdust. What we have read suggests mixing in lots of “brown” with the “green” but we aren’t sure how we will accomplish that. We mostly have “green” matter.

Steven actually suggested stealing dead leaves from the yard across the street to mix in. Can’t you just see us sneaking over there with our yard cart collecting leaves under cover of darkness? That would be quite the photo.

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Frying Pan Park

We headed off to the farm yesterday afternoon to enjoy the nice weather. There were lots of new baby animals to visit with.


The calves were busy nuzzling each other. Very cute.


The Momma cow was in a pasture nearby. David ran over and mooed at her. He was equal parts delighted and terrified when she mooed back.


This sheep seemed lonely, so we talked to him. He didn’t have much to say.


We also talked to the cows and horses out in the pasture. David got in some more mooing.


Matthew wore his favorite Wonder Pets pajamas. He thought they were the perfect thing to wear on the farm.


David is making his kissy face for me. Cute, huh?


“Hey horses! Over here!”

“Moo! Moo!”


We tried to get the peacock to open up his tail feathers. He totally ignored us and went to complain to the turkeys.


We got in one last tractor ride before we had to leave. They close the farm at 5 pm and we got there late. I assured the boys we would come back soon. It’s free, it’s close, and it’s a lot of fun for the boys.

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Second Generation Buddies

It was lovely yesterday afternoon. We went to a play ground to meet up with some friends so the kids could burn off some energy OUTSIDE. Hooray for spring!

Our play group has been together long enough that the siblings are now old enough to be friends, in a parallel play sort of way. David enjoyed hanging out with Nate and DevinĀ  in the mulch.


They shared tales of being bullied by older brothers, and then engaged in some cheerful pushing and paci stealing.

See? They’re already good buddies.

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Reston Zoo

We met up with friends at the Reston Zoo for a picnic. The boys had a great time running around, even though we encountered rain and hail during our visit. April weather is mighty unpredictable.

The spider monkey played peek-a-boo with us out of his tree house.


The bunnies were super cute. We fed them some of our animal pellets. These two had found a better way to stay close to the food.


They were still in that food bowl when we left 3 hours later. I guess nobody else wanted it by that point.

The goats stole our dixie cup full of food. Stole it. Right out of my hand.


Matthew declared the baby goats “soooo cute!”


The kangaroo posed very nicely for us.


He (she?) was a lot easier to photograph than the boys.


This next picture is just for Aunt Susie.


Matthew put some food out for the ducks, but they ignored it. So he helpfully pointed it out and yelled “Hey duck! There’s your food!” They pretended not to hear.


Matthew especially loved the reptile house. I hate the reptile house. We had to go in 4 or 5 times. Ick.


I really didn’t think I could get him to stick his head through. He looks pretty cute, doesn’t he?


After lunch, we headed out for a wagon ride. Lauren, Max, Luke and Matthew enjoyed looking out at the animals.


Our driver insisted the camel was sleeping.


After the ride started the weather got dicey. The wind picked up, then the rain started. Then we realized it was hailing. The boys got ice in their hair. The animals had a little more sense.


As soon as the ride stopped, the sun came out. We headed off to chase geese look at the other animals. All the boys liked the crocodile. He was big and fat and not moving at all. Luke decided he looked hungry and threw in a pretzel fish. You have to look closely, but it’s there in the bottom right part of the photo.


The croc does not look as amused as we were by this.

It rained twice more before we finally made it to the car. Matthew cried when we left. David was asleep before we left the parking lot.

I expect we’ll be heading back again soon.

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Happy Earth Day!

We celebrated Earth day by playing in the dirt.


Matthew is a dab hand with a shovel. David thought we were throwing dirt off the deck. He got dirt in his hair in under a minute. Kid has mad skills that way.


In fact, we were re-appropriating dirt from old pots into new pots for the herbs we bought at Lowes yesterday. The basil and rosemary look very happy in their new homes.


Then we went in to get clean clothes,


cuz we were a mess.

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Dying Eggs

Even though we don’t eat hard boiled eggs, I made a dozen of them to dye for Easter. Matthew had chosen to dye sets, one with sand and another with stickers.

We mixed up the tablets in vinegar and enjoyed watching them fizz. Matthew dropped the eggs in the dye bath and then headed downstairs to play while the eggs sat. He had a hard time waiting. Every 30 seconds he’d yell up the stairs “Are the eggs done yet?” and I’d say, no, they’ll be done when the timer goes off…

Once we had the eggs dyed we attacked them with glue, sand, and stickers.



I love how he is sticking out his tongue in concentration.


If I had been more on top of my game, I would have gotten a picture of the finished eggs. They were very appropriate as a 3 1/2 year old’s craft project. We enjoyed looking at them all week. Then I threw them out, because you really aren’t supposed to leave eggs out for a week.

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