Achy Eyelashes

While I was washing our lunch dishes, Matthew said, “Mommy, my eyelashes hurt. I need to go see Dr. Metzdorf.”

He seemed genuinely offended that I did not load the boys into the van and race over to the dentist.

Why the eyelashes? I’m not sure, but my guess is that it is allergy season and his eyes itch. He complained about his eyelashes last night, too.

Why Dr.Metzdorf? I have a theory on this. Two weeks ago David went to the doctors and got his vaccine shots. He was cranky and feverish. A day or so after this, Matthew informed me he really liked Dr. Metzdorf, our dentist. “He doesn’t give shots.”

I almost hate to wait until summer to tell Dr. Metzdorf he has won the pre-school popularity contest. He’ll be delighted.


April 2, 2009. Matthew.

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