The Illness Continues

We have angered the flu gods.

I don’t know what we did, but it must have been bad because we are all sick. Steven started throwing up Sunday night, David started early Monday, and Matthew started Monday afternoon. And I am still on the up-and-down recovery roller coaster.

Last night we were all sitting on the couch surrounded by towels, barf bowls, ginger ale and blankets. Steven suggested we set up the camera and take a picture, but neither one of us had the energy to do it.

We went to bed at 8 pm. All of us.

If anyone knows how to get on the flu gods’ good sides, please let me know. I have been sick for 6 days. It’s getting old.


April 14, 2009. family.


  1. shellstrum replied:

    Oh no!! I would offer to help you out, but frankly I don’t even want to drive by your house:) I really do hope it doesn’t take the kids as long to get better though… We missed you last night at CC!

  2. Yeye replied:

    Do you need some help?

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