Bunny Cake

In honor of Easter, I made a bunny cake to take to our afternoon party. I figured Matthew would get a kick out of it (he did) and it would be fun to make (it was!).

I started by making a regular chocolate cake in two round cake pans.

Next, I made a template to cut one of the rounds into ears and a bow tie. I got all mathematical about it. I traced the cake pan, found the mid point, and drew a 5 in. arc at the top and bottom of the circle. Next I folded the side in, using the straight line top to bottom from the arcs I had drawn across. I traced the rounded edge on the inside of the circle to make symmetrical ears. I tried to take a picture of the template, but I only did it in pencil and it doesn’t show up too well.


Then I cut out the paper ears, laid the template on the cake circle and cut.


I covered a cookie pan in foil and laid out the pieces. Matthew informed me it did NOT look like a bunny.


Next I made some cream cheese frosting. It’s my favorite, and so easy to make. Frosting the cake was a bit of a challenge. I had a hard time getting the frosting on evenly without spreading crumbs around.

Once it was frosted I covered the face and ears with coconut. I left the bow tie plain for those who don’t like coconut. I used gum drops for the eyes and nose, licorice for the whiskers, and frosting for the pink ears and mouth. Then I put gum drops on the bow tie.


Since I was still feeling questionable on Easter, I didn’t have anything out of my basket, but I did have a piece of bunny cake. Chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, coconut…delicious.

Matthew liked it, too. He only ate the gum drops (no big surprise there) but he thought it was fun to have cake that looked like a bunny.


April 21, 2009. family, holidays, special occasions.

One Comment

  1. Kelly replied:

    That cake is wonderful! Avery would have liked the gumdrops best too.

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