Frying Pan Park

We headed off to the farm yesterday afternoon to enjoy the nice weather. There were lots of new baby animals to visit with.


The calves were busy nuzzling each other. Very cute.


The Momma cow was in a pasture nearby. David ran over and mooed at her. He was equal parts delighted and terrified when she mooed back.


This sheep seemed lonely, so we talked to him. He didn’t have much to say.


We also talked to the cows and horses out in the pasture. David got in some more mooing.


Matthew wore his favorite Wonder Pets pajamas. He thought they were the perfect thing to wear on the farm.


David is making his kissy face for me. Cute, huh?


“Hey horses! Over here!”

“Moo! Moo!”


We tried to get the peacock to open up his tail feathers. He totally ignored us and went to complain to the turkeys.


We got in one last tractor ride before we had to leave. They close the farm at 5 pm and we got there late. I assured the boys we would come back soon. It’s free, it’s close, and it’s a lot of fun for the boys.


April 25, 2009. the boys, trips.

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