Matthew has been asking to go to Clemyjontri park a lot lately. It’s one I can’t do on my own with two boys because it is a) enormous and b) not fenced in. But with Daddy home on Saturday, we figured it was a good day to go to the park and have a picnic.

Keep in mind, we have no air conditioning (the coolant ran out Wed. night). Clemyjontri has very little shade. It was mid 80’s and a little humid. In hindsight, we might have been better off going to the mall. But I digress.

Matthew was all excited to ride the carousel,

park 01

until we got ON the carousel, and then he wanted to get off. Too late!

Enjoying the see saw,

park 05

and the slide.

park 08

Flight 1863 from Dullus to Ft. Lauderdale, get ready for take off.

park 09

Running in the dirt.

park 14

Covered in the dirt.

park 17

“Climbing” the tree.

park 21_r


park 20

We staggered home a few hot hours later, to house somewhere in the mid 80’s as well, and were thankful for the ice maker.


May 24, 2009. family, the boys, trips.

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