Meatloaf Monsters

I made meatloaf monsters for dinner.

meatloaf monster

Steven said they weren’t scary enough to be monsters. I guess I could have done a scarier looking mouth with the red bell pepper.

Next time.

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Sleep Over

We had a cousin sleep over on Friday night and it couldn’t have been better. The keys to successfully managing four children, as we learned were – 1) make sure your oldest child is a very responsible girl, 2) make sure your youngest child adores the oldest child, and vice versa, 3) it’s best if the middle two are close in age and like the same kinds of toys and games, 4) two adults need to be home at all times, and 5) watch lots of TV.

The kids played on our deck in the afternoon.

sleep over 04

sleep over 03

After dinner, we had movie night. Max came up and snuggled with Meghan.

sleep over 02

Matthew and Alexander slept in one room, Meghan in the guest room. Remarkably, they all slept through the night without incident. In the morning, we had pancakes and bacon,  and then we took a walk to burn off some energy.

sleep over 11

Oh, joy! A worm!

sleep over 08

See what I mean? Older, responsible girl + adoring youngest cousin = very easy weekend for Aunt Elizabeth!

sleep over 07

We timed it just right. As we were walking back home, Goo goo arrived to pick up her two. Many tears were shed (but not by Steven and me. We took turns taking naps.)

Did you notice Matthew’s goggles? Alexander brought them as a gift. Matthew wore them for 24 hours straight – to bed and everything. He is still wearing them. I’m beginning to think I will be sending him to kindergarten wearing a pair of blue goggles.

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It’s been sunny and hot this week. We spent some of every afternoon outside. After splashing in the pool, the boys got out the bubbles. Matthew did the blowing, David did the shrieking and chasing.

bubbles 03

bubbles 02

Nothing says “summer” like an afternoon spent blowing bubbles.

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Matthew and I have spent the week at church participating in vacation bible school. The theme was “Gadget’s Garage” which involved a lot of robot-related activities. In addition to teaching the bible memory verse each day, I had a robot craft to do with the kids. This lasted exactly one day. Who thought little kids could punch out paper robot parts, and then correctly insert tab A into slot B? Chaos ensued, a few tears were shed, and I shelved the project for “later.” Which meant I did a whole lot of robot arms in my “spare time” and sent the rest of it home on Friday.

It was fun to have a classroom again. I got way into decorating and arranging it.

My teaching spot (but not the train mat, that was just for Matthew)

My teaching spot

My robot building Bermuda triangle of doom spot.

My robot building Bermuda triangle of doom spot.

Two silly campers rolling around on the floor.

Two silly campers rolling around on the floor.

We had a great time. I enjoyed the change of pace and the challenge of teaching new material. Matthew enjoyed seeing friends, playing games and singing new songs.

VBS 01

Wore us out completely, though.

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Busy busy busy

We have had a busy week. Teaching and attending vacation bible school means we are up and out every morning by 8:30. We get home, eat lunch, enjoy some rest time, play outside, have dinner, and head to bed. I usually blog in the morning or after the boys are in bed, but this week I have been putting together these flingin’  flangin’ robots every evening instead, or practicing the next day’s bible verse and hand-clapping rhythm.

Cute pictures and silly stories of our antics will resume on Saturday. Or maybe Sunday. Those robots are hard.

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Future Career Path

We have been at vacation bible school all week. Mommy has been teaching the bible memory verse while Matthew enjoys the pre school program. The other night, he asked me about my day. After explaining the lesson I taught, we had the following conversation.

Matthew “Mommy! You’re a teacher! I didn’t know that!”

Mommy “Yes, I’m a teacher, and I’m a mommy.”

Matthew “Maybe some day I’ll be a teacher.”

Mommy “Well that would be great.”

Matthew “Or maybe, maybe… I’ll be a snake!”

Not sure how that’s going to work out for him.

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Walking with Daddy

We enjoyed the nice weather this weekend by taking a long walk with the boys.

walk 07

There was lots to see.

walk 05

The turtles were sunning themselves on the pond. They looked almost as happy as we were to see some sunshine.

walk 04

walk 02

David tried out the tricycle.

walk 01

Maybe next summer.

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Fishing – No Water Needed

Matthew got a fishing pole for his birthday.

fishing 13

He loves it. He spent about 3 hours (I am SO not kidding) practicing his casting in the driveway last Sunday.

fishing 07

The pole came with a special rubber “fish” that you can cast out and reel in. It seems they did not factor in three straight hours of casting by a newly-minted 4 year old.  It’s easy enough to re-attach, but I need to gear up before another 3 hour session in the driveway.

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Car Crazy

We are blessed with two, pretty good, car travellers.  They enjoyed watching movies and eating popcorn on the ride up to Sesame Place, and they enjoyed watching movies and singing to Laurie Berkner on the ride home.

But by the time we got back to Reston, they were getting bored.

car cazy 02

Not sure how he got the headrest turned that way, but he did. Matthew had to improvise.

car crazy 03

Those diapeys, they are so versatile!

Mommy was getting a little stir-crazy, too.

car crazy 06

We were all pretty happy to get out of the car when we got home.

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New Neighbor

A new neighbor has moved into the property behind our house.

deer 01

He doesn’t have very good manners. He keeps jumping the fence and helping himself to the mulberries that have fallen off the tree.

deer 03

Also, I have caught him rummaging through our compost pile.

deer 05

Once I saw him having a little pee and poo in the middle of our yard.

Definitely not the kind of behavior one expects in such an up-scale, Northern Virginia neighborhood.

I’d go talk to him about it, but I’m a little intimidated.

deer 02

I think it’s the antlers.

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