Please Touch Museum

I found it, and I wasn’t even looking for it.

The best children’s museum is in Philly. Some friends went on their way up to Sesame Place. We decided to go on our way home.

PTM 03

Matthew was actually excited to go, but he needed to use the bathroom and didn’t want to sit for a photo.

PTM 12

He was much happier when we got inside and saw the water exhibit. He spent a lot of time making his boat go through the canal.

PTM 08

Every room had a special toddler area for the 3-and-under crowd. This nature area had a slide, a tunnel, and some lily pads that made animal sounds when you stepped on them.

PTM 18

Downstairs we found a mini-city, with a construction site, hospital, grocery store, and bakery.

PTM 19

PTM 22

There was a little play house, too, with a garden and a front porch.

PTM 23

We ate lunch at the Please Eat Cafe.

PTM 26

PTM 27

The other upstairs section featured transportation. Can you guess how happy we were about that?

PTM 30

PTM 37

PTM 40

PTM 39

We stayed for about four hours, but we could easily have stayed longer. Seriously fun.


June 17, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Yeye replied:

    This is a wonderful place, how come we have not heard about it before!

  2. Please Touch Museum « Boys gone wild! | Hot News Blog replied:

    […] View strange here:  Please Touch Museum « Boys left wild! […]

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