Sleep Over

We had a cousin sleep over on Friday night and it couldn’t have been better. The keys to successfully managing four children, as we learned were – 1) make sure your oldest child is a very responsible girl, 2) make sure your youngest child adores the oldest child, and vice versa, 3) it’s best if the middle two are close in age and like the same kinds of toys and games, 4) two adults need to be home at all times, and 5) watch lots of TV.

The kids played on our deck in the afternoon.

sleep over 04

sleep over 03

After dinner, we had movie night. Max came up and snuggled with Meghan.

sleep over 02

Matthew and Alexander slept in one room, Meghan in the guest room. Remarkably, they all slept through the night without incident. In the morning, we had pancakes and bacon,  and then we took a walk to burn off some energy.

sleep over 11

Oh, joy! A worm!

sleep over 08

See what I mean? Older, responsible girl + adoring youngest cousin = very easy weekend for Aunt Elizabeth!

sleep over 07

We timed it just right. As we were walking back home, Goo goo arrived to pick up her two. Many tears were shed (but not by Steven and me. We took turns taking naps.)

Did you notice Matthew’s goggles? Alexander brought them as a gift. Matthew wore them for 24 hours straight – to bed and everything. He is still wearing them. I’m beginning to think I will be sending him to kindergarten wearing a pair of blue goggles.


June 29, 2009. family, special occasions, the boys.

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