National Cathedral Field Trip

For once, I took a field trip without the boys. The ladies morning bible study group from church arranged a tour and tea at the National Cathedral on Tuesday.

cathedral 02

It was a beautiful day.

cathedral 03_r

We enjoyed wandering around the Bishop’s garden.

cathedral 0_r

The flowers were gorgeous.

cathedral 11

cathedral 16

Then we took a tour of the lower level of the cathedral. Our tour guide was full of information about a million little details I would have completely missed. One of my favorite windows commemorates the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

cathedral 17_r

Sorry. I’m not much of a photographer. It’s hard to see, but there is a black lump in the middle of the white circle in the middle of the moon. It’s an actual chunk of rock from the moon. It’s the only piece of moon rock not in a museum.

The alter is beautiful, too. The cross and flowers are actually 5 feet tall.

cathedral 18_r

The tea was lovely, but I didn’t take any photos. I was too busy enjoying a fabulous chocolate eclaire. Yummy!

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Rolling Down the Hill

One of our favorite songs is about a wildflower who goes rolling down the hill when no one is watching. Every now and again, I catch Matthew singing to himself, “I’m rolling down the hill, I, I, I’m rolling down the hill…”

The other night, they got a chance to do it. Matthew went first.

rolling 01

Then Daddy took a turn.

rolling 04

David thought it might be fun,

rolling 05

but he doesn’t really like touching the grass.

rolling 06

He decided he’d just watch, instead.

rolling 07

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Mini Burger Bites

Our small group had a cook-out on Sunday. I thought it would be fun to bring a kid-friendly dessert, so I made mini burger bites.

The ingredients:

cookies 01

The process:

1. Tint the coconut green – this will be the “lettuce”

cookies 02

2. Split the Nilla wafers in half. One half will be the top buns. Spread them with some honey and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. The other half are the bottom buns. Leave them plain.

cookies 04

3. Begin to assemble the cookies. Put one chocolate cookie on top of the bottom (plain) Nilla wafer. Use red and yellow frosting to make the mustard and ketsup on the edge of the chocolate “burger.”

cookies 11

4. Sprinkle the coconut “lettuce” on top.

cookies 07

5. Top the burger with the sesame seed bun.

cookies 13

Viola! Mini burger bites!

cookies 14

Cute, but lots of work. Each cookie took 60 seconds to assemble (Steven timed me). I did 20 of them and then called it quits.

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The boys aren’t that into art. I don’t get it. I, personally, could spend an hour with my colored pencils. But they are who they are and coloring is not their thing.

Except that recently they spent almost 15 whole minutes quietly coloring at the table.

coloring 03

coloring 02

OK, so David didn’t color the picture, but he had fun nevertheless.

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The Nakeds went sliding in our backyard on Friday.

nakeds 01

David wanted to play, too,

nakeds 03

but he was wearing too many clothes.

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Hide and Seek

David has started playing hide-and-seek. He can’t count, but he loves to close his eyes and pretend.

ducks 08

Then he runs around yelling “Aaaah!!!!” like he is so excited to find us all.

ducks 07

And then he hides and does it all over again.

The joys of hide and seek are endless for David.

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Places to Eat

We have a few standard places we eat out as a family. One of our favorites is Aladdin’s on Monday night when Daddy has rehearsal. We pick up Grandpa at the train and then head over. We have been so many times we have a standard table and a waiter who knows our order by heart.

Matthew always gets kibbie and hummus. David gets the grilled chicken and rice.

Alladin's 01

Alladin's 02

Then we go up the hill behind the restaurant and wait for the 7:15 VRE to go chugging by.

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Not Tired

Matthew was not tired. He did not need a nap. He asked if he could just watch an episode of Thomas, instead.

Fine with me. No need to nap if you aren’t tired.

asleep 02

Max looks happy, doesn’t he?

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Party Time!

We had a birthday party over the weekend for a playgroup buddy. It had all the elements essential in a kid’s birthday party.

There was a pool,

party 02

and a water table

party 03

and a swing set,

party 04

and cupcakes with blue frosting.

party 07

party 08

What could be better?

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Marriage By Numbers

Six years of marriage


Five trips to the hospital


Four cars

helping daddy 08

Three homes

Firetrucks everywhere 010

Two kids

chair 02

One happy family.

sat. 24

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