Folk Life Festival

We headed down to the Mall to see the Folk Life Festival. Nana and Grandpa met us at the metro. Aunt Susie met us downtown.

The first place we visited was Wales. They had a number of workmen demonstrating stone cutting, fishing, basket weaving, and wood carving.

Matthew got to help build a paper mache elephant at the kid’s tent.

FLF 06

We got to listen to a welsh story teller, too.

FLF 03_r

The boys found a great spot to sit while the adults had lunch.

FLF 07


FLF 10

We wandered down to the end of the row and found some unexpected fun. The 4th of July parade floats and balloons were gathering as they got ready to take their place.

FLF 11

David got an eagle’s eye view.

FLF 13_r

The “ladies” watched, too.

FLF 14

On our trek back to metro, we crossed Constitution Ave. and got to see the parade up close. Sure enough, we passed the exact same dance group who had been warming up when we left the festival.


July 5, 2009. family, holidays.

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