Puppy Love

David has a new friend.

puppy 01

Puppy goes everywhere with David. Out of the crib, into the car, to playgroup, to church, to the grocery store.

I can embrace the attachment item. It’s normal, healthy behavior. The problem is that Puppy is irreplaceable. David got Puppy for Christmas when he was only 3 months old and Fisher Price has moved on. No Puppy replacement can be found. We forgot Puppy in the church nursery once. It wasn’t pretty.

I have a new mantra when we go out – Matthew, David, Puppy…Matthew, David, Puppy. God forbid I leave one of them behind.


July 17, 2009. David.


  1. shellstrum replied:

    I hate when companies stop making certain toys!! Is this the one where it teaches “ear, nose, etc”? Avery never liked it and I gave it away at the Toy Swap in December. SO I know they are still floating around out there somewhere!

  2. Auntie Libbie replied:

    Is this the FP “Laugh & Learn/ Love to Play” Puppy? If so, ebay has them new-in-box, buy-it-now as low as $15.00 and used in very-good-condition for about $3-$4.

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