Mini Burger Bites

Our small group had a cook-out on Sunday. I thought it would be fun to bring a kid-friendly dessert, so I made mini burger bites.

The ingredients:

cookies 01

The process:

1. Tint the coconut green – this will be the “lettuce”

cookies 02

2. Split the Nilla wafers in half. One half will be the top buns. Spread them with some honey and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. The other half are the bottom buns. Leave them plain.

cookies 04

3. Begin to assemble the cookies. Put one chocolate cookie on top of the bottom (plain) Nilla wafer. Use red and yellow frosting to make the mustard and ketsup on the edge of the chocolate “burger.”

cookies 11

4. Sprinkle the coconut “lettuce” on top.

cookies 07

5. Top the burger with the sesame seed bun.

cookies 13

Viola! Mini burger bites!

cookies 14

Cute, but lots of work. Each cookie took 60 seconds to assemble (Steven timed me). I did 20 of them and then called it quits.


July 29, 2009. Mommy.


  1. Kelly replied:

    I bow to you culinary skill! Wow! When I first read “split the ‘Nilla wafers in half” I thought you meant literally split one cookie in half. I couldn’t imagine how that would work. Whew! I’m glad that wasn’t the case.

  2. Auntie Libbie replied:

    What a clever idea!! And they look “real” too. Did they go over well with the kids?

  3. Carlin replied:


  4. Susie replied:

    Holy cow. How did you feel when they all got eaten. I guess you could call that performance art!

  5. Jenn replied:

    You are just too cool for words.

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