Ice Pop

This is the summer of the Ice Pop. I got a box because it’s easier to deal with than Popsicles. Matthew loves them. David loves them. Our friends and play group buddies love them.

Ice pops even prompted David’s first 3-word sentence. “Daddy….ice pop….cooooold!”

ice pop 05

We are going to be so sad when the ice pops are gone.

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Family Photo

We don’t get many of these. Tom took this one when he visited after his trip to China.

Aug. 2009

Aug. 2009

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Daddy brought home an enormous chocolate cupcake for us to share.

cupcake 02

David ate in a very business-like fashion.

cupcake 05

Matthew tried to hide from the camera, but he couldn’t resist peeking.

cupcake 06

Daddy was glad that everyone enjoyed his surprise treat.

Since it was Mommy’s birthday, she got the biggest piece. Delicious!

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Play Group

Matthew has been in camp most of August, but David and I got a chance to go to play group this week.

Max demonstrated two truths.

pg 8-26-04_r

1. Mine aren’t the only kids who like being naked.

2. Kids love to try on shoes.

pg 8-26 03_r

Isn’t he cute?

The “babies” enjoyed playing with balls.

pg 8-26-02

David had a good time playing with trucks and trains and motorcycles.

pg 8-26-01

He had that rare opportunity of younger siblings – play time without his brother grabbing every toy out of his hands.

I had a rare morning, too. I got to sit and talk to my friends, sipping a cup of coffee, without once breaking up a fight between my children. Bliss!

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We had to say good-bye to Max on Friday. The stroke he suffered on Thursday was serious. It left him unable to see or feel on his right side. The vet gave him 24 hours of supportive care to see if he might recover, but by Friday morning it was clear he would not. He could not continue to live in the frail, disoriented state the stroke left him in so we put him down.

The Boys, March -08

The Boys, March -08

It has been a hard couple of days. Even though we know we did the right thing for Max we miss him terribly.

Max, April '08

Max, April '08

Matthew was very upset. We have had tears at bedtime for the past few nights.

Max and Susie, Christmas '08

Max and Susie, Christmas '08

We have been reading “Cat Heaven” by Cynthia Rylant. It’s a great book about the wonderful place cats go to when they die. It’s full of butterflies and tuna fish and every cat gets to sleep in bed with God.

March '09

March '09

Max would have been 13 in September. When he was young and healthy, he loved to bat toys under the fridge. He chased bugs, yanked the legs off of crickets, and chirped at the birds who came near the screen door. Max loved bacon, pork, and tuna from the can. We always knew the warmest spot in the house – it’s where Max would be sleeping. He especially loved the warm clothes in the dryer. Even though he had been losing weight and feeling poorly this spring, he continued to catch the occasional mouse in the basement.

He could certainly be a pain in the patoot, but he could also be a very sweet kitty. He loved to curl up on an empty lap and purr. I miss hearing his yowl in the morning and his warm fur on my lap in the evening.

I hope God knows what a cool cat he has in his bed now.

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David’s Stitches

Sunday started out normally enough. We got up early, we got dressed, and we headed out to church. Before church, I donated blood. After church, Daddy donated blood and I took the boys for donuts.

Here is where everything went terribly wrong.

David was happily charging around the donut shop when he tripped and fell face-first into a chair. He sat up and I saw a gash over his eye that could only mean one thing – a trip to the doctor. I hustled Matthew out of the donut shop loaded down with a dozen napkins and a bagful of ice some extremely kind couple got for me.

We picked up Daddy at the blood mobile (he was done, which saved me the trouble of yanking the needle out of arm while yelling “David is bleeding we have to go RIGHT NOW!!!”) and headed to the after hours care clinic in Falls Church. ┬áNana met us there to take Matthew home with her. He was a real trooper, even though the blood worried him a bit, and he never did get a donut.

The nurses were very kind, but David was not happy with people touching him. He started screaming when they tried to take his weight and did not stop until an hour later when all 7 stitches had been put in and we were back in the car.

David stiches 02

Once we were home, he was his old self again. “Stitches? What stitches? Now move over so I can jump off this chair.”

David stiches 03

He shows no sign of even noticing the stitches, but it breaks my heart just a little bit every time I see them.

I haven’t had the heart to tell him we have to go back and have them taken out.

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Susie’s Cake

Since Susie and I both have birthdays in August, we have one family party in the middle the celebrate. I made Susie a barbie doll cake because I knew she would enjoy it and I needed a good excuse to make one, anyway.


She really liked it.


I was pleased with how it turned out, but I could do a better job in the future. Not that I’m going to get many opportunities for doll cakes in my future.

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What’s Up?

Well, not much. I don’t have a working camera, so I don’t have new photos. Somehow this translates into not updating the blog. Here is a brief family breakdown

Mommy – has a hurt knee. I’d like to say it’s my shoes, but I have a sinking feeling it’s because I’m old. So, twice a day I have been propping up my knee and icing it with a bag of frozen mixed vegetables. It has become such a permanent part of our lives that Matthew now tells perfect strangers that Mommy’s knee hurts and needs ice.

Matthew – has been in camp for the last two weeks. He loves it. He. Loves. It. Comes home every day (it’s 3 days a week) telling me all about the games he plays, things the coaches say and do, and what they had for snack. It is fascinating to hear him talk, since he never told me what they did in school. He has also made a friend. Matthew calls him Stripey Boy, but the coaches tell me his name is “Ben.”

David – enjoys singing. A lot. He sings at the table, he sings when we play, and he sings to himself while driving cars around the mat on the kitchen floor. He likes the ABC song, knows most of the words to “Bob the Builder,” and Row Row Row your boat. Singing is supposed to be good for speech development, so we join in whenever we can. He has also learned how to climb into our bed. And Matthew’s bed. But has yet to try to climb out of his crib. Phew!

Daddy – spends all his days going to meetings. I’m not even exaggerating (or not much, anyway). It is a mystery to me how the man gets any work done. He has also spent some downtime investigating new and exciting things to download to our computer. He likes to tell me all about it at 10 pm when I can barely focus enough to correctly count out scoops of coffee. Still, I’m sure it’s all good stuff and he enjoys it.

Max – is not doing well. When I got him up Thursday morning it was clear something was seriously wrong. An emergency visit to the vet confirmed he has had a stroke. Even knowing that he is old and sick, I had a hard time digesting the news that he may not recover and we may have to decide…Well, we may have to make The Big Decision.

The mice continue to find bags of oreos on which they can exist, the condo is still not rented, our grass is so brown we could light it on fire.

So, pretty normal stuff one way and another.

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David Says

David has some new words and phrases:

dah-go (there you go)

aah-you? (where are you?)





Momma ep (help)

Daddy go!

I love those last two. It says so much about the kind of relationship we have with David. One of these days, David is going to clearly tell me that he is hungry and needs _________. I’m going straight to the store for balloons and a cake, because we are going to party when that day happens.

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We spell a lot in our house. It’s an easy type of code we parents use when we don’t want the kids to know we have o-r-e-o c-o-o-k-i-e-s in the pantry.

Matthew picked up on this. “What are you talking about?” he’ll ask, full of indignation.

Now he has decided, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

“Mommy, I have s-o-e-i-t,” he told me this morning. I scrabbled around for a pencil to write it out. “Huh?”

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “allergies.”

Spelling works much better when you can actually spell.

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