David’s Stitches

Sunday started out normally enough. We got up early, we got dressed, and we headed out to church. Before church, I donated blood. After church, Daddy donated blood and I took the boys for donuts.

Here is where everything went terribly wrong.

David was happily charging around the donut shop when he tripped and fell face-first into a chair. He sat up and I saw a gash over his eye that could only mean one thing – a trip to the doctor. I hustled Matthew out of the donut shop loaded down with a dozen napkins and a bagful of ice some extremely kind couple got for me.

We picked up Daddy at the blood mobile (he was done, which saved me the trouble of yanking the needle out of arm while yelling “David is bleeding we have to go RIGHT NOW!!!”) and headed to the after hours care clinic in Falls Church.  Nana met us there to take Matthew home with her. He was a real trooper, even though the blood worried him a bit, and he never did get a donut.

The nurses were very kind, but David was not happy with people touching him. He started screaming when they tried to take his weight and did not stop until an hour later when all 7 stitches had been put in and we were back in the car.

David stiches 02

Once we were home, he was his old self again. “Stitches? What stitches? Now move over so I can jump off this chair.”

David stiches 03

He shows no sign of even noticing the stitches, but it breaks my heart just a little bit every time I see them.

I haven’t had the heart to tell him we have to go back and have them taken out.


August 25, 2009. David, family.

One Comment

  1. Susie replied:

    Oh no! Poor David, and poor you! You are having a bad run, you may need the spa afternoon sooner than later. Send me some weekends when you are free…

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