We had to say good-bye to Max on Friday. The stroke he suffered on Thursday was serious. It left him unable to see or feel on his right side. The vet gave him 24 hours of supportive care to see if he might recover, but by Friday morning it was clear he would not. He could not continue to live in the frail, disoriented state the stroke left him in so we put him down.

The Boys, March -08

The Boys, March -08

It has been a hard couple of days. Even though we know we did the right thing for Max we miss him terribly.

Max, April '08

Max, April '08

Matthew was very upset. We have had tears at bedtime for the past few nights.

Max and Susie, Christmas '08

Max and Susie, Christmas '08

We have been reading “Cat Heaven” by Cynthia Rylant. It’s a great book about the wonderful place cats go to when they die. It’s full of butterflies and tuna fish and every cat gets to sleep in bed with God.

March '09

March '09

Max would have been 13 in September. When he was young and healthy, he loved to bat toys under the fridge. He chased bugs, yanked the legs off of crickets, and chirped at the birds who came near the screen door. Max loved bacon, pork, and tuna from the can. We always knew the warmest spot in the house – it’s where Max would be sleeping. He especially loved the warm clothes in the dryer. Even though he had been losing weight and feeling poorly this spring, he continued to catch the occasional mouse in the basement.

He could certainly be a pain in the patoot, but he could also be a very sweet kitty. He loved to curl up on an empty lap and purr. I miss hearing his yowl in the morning and his warm fur on my lap in the evening.

I hope God knows what a cool cat he has in his bed now.


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  1. Carlin replied:

    I’m sorry about Max. He was clearly a valuable member of the family and everyone will miss him. Hugs to all!

  2. EEyler replied:

    I am so sorry to hear about Max–I enjoyed petting him and sitting with him when I’ve visited your home, and I know you must all miss him very much. I hope he is enjoying lots of tuna fish and warm dryer-fresh clothes in heaven!

  3. Melissa replied:

    I shed tears for Max and your family after reading this. So sweet and touching. He had a wonderful life.

  4. SK replied:

    I’m so sorry about your loss. I know it’s hard. I will always remeber Max’s input on the answering machine when I called and it picked up.

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