Diapers for Teddy

Here is my friend Teddy.

teddy 04

We like to play together. Teddy never takes my favorite toys away from me.

Hmm… Teddy may need a dry diaper.

teddy 01

No problem! I know just what to do.

Where did mommy hide the diapers?

teddy 03

Oh, here there are. Ok.  Now for some wipes.

teddy 06

I probably only need six or seven.

Then put on the dry diaper and shorts. I may need some help with the shorts. Mommy? Can you help, please?

teddy 05

Tada! Teddy is all set.

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A Weekend in Falmouth

This weekend we headed up to Falmouth, MA, for Catherine’s wedding to Dan. It was a beautiful fall day in New England.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a great picture of the two of them at the church? Sadly, I forgot to bring the camera.

The reception was also lovely. We brought the camera, but it’s hard to get a great shot of two people who are very busy having a wonderful time celebrating their wedding.

reception 001

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

There was excellent food, some very very very good cake, and a whole lot of dancing.

reception 03_r

Catherine danced with her dad,

reception 35

Dan danced with his mom,

reception 38_r

the flower girl danced with the ring bearer (who looked a lot happier now that he didn’t have to walk down the aisle in front of a bunch of strangers)

reception 41_r

and the rest of us danced as often as our fancy shoes would let us.

reception 47

The cake was really yummy. We had ice cream cake for dessert, so we got to take the wedding cake home. Wedding cake makes a mighty nice breakfast.

reception 22_r

It was so nice to be able to spend the afternoon chatting with friends.

reception 19

Traci and Robb brought two (three?) week old Seth. He was doing his impersonation of a Very Good Baby and didn’t cry at all.

reception 27

That night we went to dinner at Casino Wharf. There was an 80’s cover band playing upstairs. We enjoyed listening to songs we could sing along with.

casino wharf 01

The morning dawned rainy, windy, and cool. We persevered and took a walk on the beach. You can’t be that close to the ocean and not walk on the beach.

beach 01

Then we headed over for brunch.

brunch 07

Catherine and Dan looked remarkably cheerful for two people who had spent more than 24 hours smiling and shaking hands.

I bet they ate wedding cake for breakfast, too.

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Grandma and Yeye

Steven and I were away this weekend. We went to Falmouth to celebrate our friend’s wedding. The weather was beautiful, Dan and Catherine were beautiful, the silence in the car and the ability to sleep in was beautiful.

Grandma and Yeye came for the weekend to stay with the boys. Yeye has a fancy little computer with a really fun game for kids.

computer 01

It is not too surprising that the boys didn’t seem to miss us all that much.

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The Ugly Cake

I made a cake for our small group last week. I used my favorite “Cake Mix Doctor” cookbook. I made the zucchini spice cake with warm penuche frosting. The tricky part of the frosting is that once you start to pour, it hardens.

ugly cake 01

I thought I would be clever and cover the lumps with some artistic drizzles of the frosting.

ugly cake 03

Yeah, not so much. Plus, the cake was lopsided. I don’t know why there is a big dent in the cake, either.

It tasted really good, though.

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More Partners in Crime

Here is another fun game the boys have made up together.

crib slide 03

They are “babies” and this is their “crib.” They climb in, flap around, and yell “Wah, wah, wah, WAHHHHHH!!!!”

crib slide 09

Then they slide down the slide run around shrieking with glee and do it all again.

Being a baby has never been such fun.

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I made salmon with a balsamic vinegar and mustard glaze.

stinky 01

Matthew didn’t care for the smell as I cooked the glaze.

stinky 02

Sometimes that boy is such a stinker.

And if you are wondering, it’s the clip off the blinds, which is why half the blind is sagging.

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David’s Party

We had the family over to celebrate David’s 2nd birthday on Sunday. The cousins had a wonderful time playing outside.

Meghan pushed David on the swing for quite a while.


Matthew and Alexander played pirate ship. Or maybe it was sailing ship. Either way, they both needed telescopes.


We enjoyed our outdoor dinner picnic, too.


We came inside for cake,


which everyone enjoyed,


and then we went back out for more outdoor fun.


They were all pretty tired and sweaty by the time they left.

Nana and Grandpa were not at the party. They are in Paris. We missed seeing them, but it’s hard to work up a lot of sympathy for people who are drinking fine French wine, eating fabulous French food, and perfecting their snooty accents.

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Fire Truck Cake

David loves fire trucks. He exclaims wildly whenever we pass one on the road, and he always, always, makes the sound. So, I decided I would make him a fire truck cake for his birthday.

The cake un-molded perfectly from the Wilton Fire Truck cake pan. Then it went completely down hill.

cake 01

First, I dropped the pan onto the cake. Yes, really. I couldn’t believe I did it. That is the crater in the bottom left corner. Next, I tried to move the cooled cake to the cookie sheet for decorating. This led to several cracks along the top. Finally, with Steven’s help, we slid aluminum foil under the cake, lifted it up, and slid it onto the cookie sheet. This resulted in the big fat crack in the middle.

And then I realized I was one bag short for the red frosting and would have to go to the store for the third time this weekend.

I nearly cried.

Instead, I laid down a thin layer of frosting over the whole mess and, as if by magic, it looked much better.

See? Frosting cures all problems!

cake 03

The rest of the cake frosting was blissfully uneventful. The directions were easy to follow and the cake turned out pretty well, as long as you don’t look too closely at the tires.

Best of all, Matthew announced the cake was “amazing” and told me I should think about becoming a baker when I grow up.

How could I stay upset after a compliment like that?

David loved the cake. Here he is stealing a taste of frosting before we did the candles-and-singing thing.


I guess he already knows the curative powers of frosting.

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Partners in Crime

Sometimes the boys fight, sometimes they play beautifully together, and sometimes they team up against me.

"Shhh, David, hide!"

"Shhh, David, hide!"

"Here she comes! Ready? One, two three..."

"Here she comes! Ready? One, two three..."



"That sound super loud in the stairway. Let's do this for the next 20 min!"

"That sound super loud in the stairway. Let's do this for the next 20 min!"

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Birthday Cookies

We had cupcakes at the play group party, and we’ll have cake tomorrow with the family, so I got some cookies to celebrate David’s actual birthday.

bday cookies 02

Cookie monster cookies! How perfect for my Sesame Street fan.

bday cookies 03

Smiles for the birthday song,

bday cookies 05

applause for blowing out the candles,

bday cookies 07_r

cheers for delicious cookies!


bday cookies 12


bday cookies 13


bday cookies 11

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